Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In a special summer science podcast, University of Otago science communication student Brandon Gantt meets microbiologist Warren Tate and masters student Eirin Sweetman to discuss their research into chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as ME. Warren Tate was awarded the 2010 Rutherford Medal for his work in molecular biology and molecular neuroscience.

Warren Tate works in the University of Otago’s Biochemistry Department and he has featured previously on Our Changing World – in this interview you can hear him talk about his work on Alzheimers disease, and in this interview he discusses his work on HIV and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Centre for Science Communication at the University of Otago runs masters level courses in natural history film-making, science writing and general science communication, and as part of their course work in 2012 students in the general science communication strand were challenged to make an Our Changing World story - we are broadcasting four of these during our summer science series.