There’s a waiting list to join in with the LYNKZ programme in Whangarei. It helps support people living with disabilities to move into the workforce, participate in community events, and gain skills for independence, to set goals and to achieve them. When members of the LYNKZ family are not budgeting, shopping and cooking healthy meals, they may be creating works of art for their annual exhibition, chopping fire wood, holding socials, heading off to get some work experience or to go ice-skating. The highlight of the year is the end-of-year trip – and fundraising for the next trip starts as soon as the last one’s over. The whole community gets behind the fund-raising efforts and businesses can expect a knock on their door from one of the LYNKZ clients who is known as a ‘fund-raising machine’.

LYNKS programme in Whangarei
Left: Crome and Angus preparing lunch, Middle: Stephen’s on salads, Right: LYNKZ manager Shirley Harvey and Cindy