Did Christchurch members of the disability community get the help they needed after the region's earthquakes?

A recent symposium in the city heard that some emergency facilities were not disability-friendly and in some cases, communication and help took too long to reach those in need.

But delegates at the event are hopeful the lessons learned will lead to more inclusive emergency planning and preparedness in the future.  

More than 150 people attended the symposium, including members of the disability community, health and support agencies and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

The delegates want members of the disabled community to be active partners in civil defence and emergency planning and for the lessons learned following the earthquakes to influence national emergency guidelines.

But they say its also a wake up call for people with disabilities to develop their own resilience and to build greater support networks.

Katy Gosset joined the delegates as they discussed their experiences during Canterbury's devastating earthquakes and shared their hopes for a disability-inclusive emergency response plan.