Disability and Motherhood

Two disabled mothers recall what it was like to take on the role of parents, back in the days when attitudes weren't so accepting as now. Philippa Wilson says as someone who was born with spina bifida, it meant negotiating through a minefield of medical assumptions. Philippa Wilson says when she told the doctor she was pregnant, he thought she was joking.

Julie Woods says that in her case, she was already a mother of two boys, when she went blind. Which didn't make things easy when it came to asking for help.

MS is an experience - not a box!

Faye Richards lives in the Canterbury town of Rangiora. As a staff member of the Christchurch City Council, working on water supply across the region she's had her work cut out for her lately. But when I meet up with Faye Richards in her home come music studio, the devastating months of quake and aftershocks still lie ahead. For now it's business as usual for the musician who lives with MS.

Musician Faye Richards on location for The Box video.
Musician Faye Richards on location for video shoots.