Auckland Super city 'likely to have a positive impact on the disability community'

With the Auckland Super City bill having being passed by Parliament at the beginning of the month, it's all go for amalgamation. Never mind the mayoral battle in play, what 's the likely impact going to be on the disabled population? Colin Dale is in charge of the community services workstream with the Auckland Transition Agency. Colin Dale says he's positive that disabled people will lose nothing in the new setup.

International disability rights monitoring project comes to New Zealand

It's one thing for the government to ratify the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities. But will it be a case of all talk and no action? Will it improve peoples' lives by making jobs easier to come by? Or by ensuring more disabled people leave school with the right qualifications? Or by having morer wheelchair accessible buses? Canadian human rights advocate and academic Marcia Rioux says the best way to find out is to ask disabled people. She's pioneered a method of doing just that and has taken it to countries as diverse as the Cameroon and Croatia. Now Marcia Rioux says her Disabilty Rights Promotion International has come to New Zealand - with government blessing.

Contact the Project Coordinator in New Zealand - Gary Williams, 7 Blair Ave Papanui Christchurch 8053, +64 3 354 8308 or +64 21 499 422, email:

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