Mid-term Report

Prime Minister John Key is relaxed about Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia's position as Minister for Disability Issues - outside Cabinet. But is that fair assessment? The politicians argue the toss over how disability issues have fared half way through the National-led Government's current term.

Valuing disabled voters in the UK - Not!

When thousands of voters got turned away in the recent cliffhanger British elections, frustration quickly turned to anger. But for many disabled voters, being deprived of the right to vote thanks to inaccessible polling booths or ballot papers is a common occurrence. So was this election any different?

Gwilym Morris is a disability activist who's working to improve access to voting. He says that the drastic spending cuts announced by the - as he calls it, Con-Dem Coalition - adds salt to injury to that part of the population that'll bear the brunt of them, but who in many cases weren't able to vote