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Stunt Kites at the 2016 Otaki Kite Festival [Video: Jesse Easton]


Fly Your Kite


Have a kite? Here are some ways you could use it:

Attach your camera or phone and take ariel photos or videos. Insurance is advised for amateurs. 

Resolve petty disputes with kite fighting. This is where you attempt to cut the other person’s line with your own.

Propose. Kites can measure up to 110 metres - which is more than enough room to write, “Will you marry me?”

Practice your aim with the sling shot using the kite as a target. Not advised for urban areas.

Transportation. You can attach a kite to just about anything - a kayak, buggy, surf board, skis, your car… Be sure to pick a windy day though. 

Check for lightning. Do not use metal wire. 

Generate an excuse for a Disney movie, iconic song and penultimate scene. I don’t have to tell you. 

Learn how to fly stunt kites. Marcel LaGrand who was at the festival (see above) can fly up to five at once.

Check the temperature at different altitudes. Just in case. 

Don your scuba gear and use an underwater kite to harness the tide. Best to learn how to swim first though. 


Kite Buggy at the 2016 Otaki Kite Festival [Video: Jesse Easton]