22 Nov 2023

Tony Townsend: 50 years as a GP

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 22 November 2023
Dr Tony Townsend has just released a book, Not just a GP

Photo: Supplied

When Dr Tony Townsend began his career in medicine in 1969, being a general practitioner wasn't considered a specialty.

That change would come two and a half decades later, in 1995, after much pushback from the medical profession.

It's one of many changes Dr Townsend has seen over his 48 years as a GP in Rotorua. Not only has technology, the understanding of disease and the diagnostic process evolved, but also how doctors interact with patients.

Dr Townsend became a Member of the Order of Merit for his services to health in 2015.

He retired in Matakana in 2018, and speaks to Kathryn Ryan about his just-released a book, Not just a GP: More than just a memoir.