24 Oct 2023

Taking menopause awareness up a notch: campaigner Sarah Connor

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 24 October 2023

Photo: supplied

Menopause and the impacts of it have not really been part of mainstream conversation - until recently.

Around 7 in 10 women experience moderate to severe symptoms due to fluctuating hormones, which can impact physical and mental health for years. 

As yet, no publicly funded awareness campaign exists. So Wellingtonian Sarah Connor decided to do it off her own bat.

She suffered terrible menopause symptoms a few years ago and it took her months to find the right information, support, and solutions.

She then founded the grassroots movement Menopause Over Martinis* and has since facilitated conversations about menopause all over New Zealand, in her community and on social media.

Now Sarah, and Wellington brand strategist and creative Helen Milner, have teamed up and created six outdoor ads on 40 screens in 26 shopping centres around the country and on e-bike lock and charge stations in 10 towns and cities. They've also got menopause questions included in pub quizzes.