9 Aug 2021

The nutritional power of avocado powder

From Nine To Noon, 11:38 am on 9 August 2021

The team at freeze-dried avocado company Ovāvo is excited about the potential for fruit, deemed imperfect for supermarket shelves, being processed into something palatable.

In conjunction with food scientists from Callaghan Development and Massey University's food technology  department, an avocado powder has been developed to be used in a range of foods including ice-cream, tortilla wraps, truffles and hummus. 

The company's fruit come from a huge orchard near Ahipara in the far North. Ovāvo CEO Andrew Vivian says previously, around half a million undersized or flawed avocados from 100,000 trees ended up as "press grade, meaning they'd be send to oil manufacturers.