3 Nov 2020

Time to recognise farmers for their carbon sequestration?

From Nine To Noon, 9:35 am on 3 November 2020
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Photo: Sophie Barnes

Sheep and beef farmers are arguing their operations are close to carbon neutral.

But it is not counted in New Zealand's ETS system.

So should they be getting formal recognition?

 In the first study of its kind, spacial analysis mapping of sheep and beef farms has revealed significant levels of  woody vegetation.

The study authors say if the role this plays in capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide were taken into account many of these farms could already be close to net carbon neutral.

Kathryn Ryan discusses with Auckland University of Technology's Dr Brad Case, one of the study authors & Dr David Hall who has been working on nature based solutions for lowering on-farm emissions and who is an author of another related report by the Aotearoa Circle on biodiversity.