14 Oct 2019

What's the impact of scrapping power users' fixed low charge?

From Nine To Noon, 9:17 am on 14 October 2019
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Photo: lighthunter/123RF

One of the recommendations of this year's Electricity Price Review was to phase out the fixed daily charge for low users, which the government has agreed with.

The 30 cent daily charge is available to those customers who use less than 8000 kWh in the North Island or less than 9000 in the lower South Island. But what will the phasing out mean for those people who use less power because they've invested in solar technology or insulating their homes? Or those households with lower incomes? Kathryn is joined by Eric Pyle, who's the director of public affairs and policy for Solar City and Bern Sommerfeld, who is the Energy Chair for Grey Power.