23 Feb 2016

Policy changes needed for bigger uptake of EV's

From Nine To Noon, 9:38 am on 23 February 2016

Research on how to get more electric vehicles on New Zealand roads suggests a major change in government policy is needed.Waikato University researchers have done a comparative study with countries that have a high uptake of EVs, including Germany, the US and Norway. The study - which was funded by the government through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - has analysed the incentives available overseas which lower the price of electric vehicles. There are just over one thousand electric vehicles in New Zealand and 142 charging stations. The researchers - including energy and environment law expert - Barry Barton - say while there are a number of barriers to higher EV uptake, such as cost and charging infrastructure, more could be done at a central government level to get more EVs on the road, with price incentives for buying low or no emission vehicles.