28 Oct 2015

Marty Duda's artist of the week

From Nine To Noon, 11:07 am on 28 October 2015

Thanks to the 2004 documentary, Dig!, The Brian Jonestown Massacre became one of the most notorious bands of the early 21st century due to the questionable behaviour of bandleader Anton Newcombe who came across as a self-destructive, highly talented jerk. Against all odds, Newcombe is still with us and making, arguably, the best music of his career. The Brian Jonestown Massacre began over 20 years ago with Newcombe's vision of taking sounds from the psychedelic past, mixing them with Middle Eastern influences and creating something new. As prolific as ever (they released 3 full length albums in 1996) Newcombe seems to finally have his act together, having moved to Berlin and settled down. Their latest work is an EP. Mini Album Thingy Wingy, released to coincide with their New Zealand tour at the beginning of November. It's the third album Newcombe has released this year.