09:05  Auckland businesses ask Finance Minister for more help

Only rubbish trucks and buses can be seen on Queen Street in Auckland's CBD.

Only rubbish trucks and buses can be seen on Queen Street in Auckland's CBD. Photo: RNZ/Jordan Bond

Auckland businesses will ask the Finance Minister for more financial support in a meeting this morning. As the region heads into another fortnight in hard lockdown, business leaders say small and medium businesses in particular are hurting. As of mid last week, around 130,000 businesses had claimed the wage subsidy nationwide - meaning they have lost over 40 per cent of their revenue. Businesses are also eligible for a resurgence subsidy to offset their overheads while in lockdown - but this is a one off payment, and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce is asking the government to extend it. Chief Executive Michael Barnett says in six hours, more than 15 thousand businesses signed a petition calling for more help with with fixed overheads such as rent, rates, hire purchase agreements and utilities. He'll meet Finance Minister Grant Robertson this morning to ask for that help.

09:20 Construction costs rising fast - what happens to house insurance?

Wood Home Framing Abstract At Construction Site.

Photo: 123RF, Andy Dean Photography

Construction costs have risen at a pace not seen for nearly a decade, as anyone building or renovating a house will know.So what are the implications of this for house insurance? According to CoreLogic's Cordell Housing Index Price (CHIP), residential construction costs surged 2.2 per cent in the June quarter, the largest since the index began in 2012, pushing the annual growth rate of building costs to 4.5 per cent, up from 3.3 per cent in March. Those in the construction industry report double-digit cost increases for some materials, as well as wage pressures pushing up overall build prices. The Insurance Council says this does have implications for policy holders - but the responsibility lies with homeowners to ensure they're paying for adequate cover. Kathryn speaks with Chief Executive, Tim Grafton.

09:30 NZ's Liquid smoke - Kānuka tastes like hangi in a bottle



Business and chemical engineering academics are transforming native Kānuka into a 'liquid smoke' startup - tasting like hangi in a bottle. The hidden flavour of Kānuka has been captured in an inter-departmental University of Auckland collaboration, together with whānau from Ruatōria. Dr Kiri Dell is part of the team behind the new business venture, Nuka Institute. She is a lecturer at the University of Auckland lecturer and director of post graduate diploma in Maori business development. Dr Dell says she wanted to replicate the smell of the native tree from her childhood memories and use it as a flavoursome ingredient for food.


09:45 USA correspondent Ron Elving

Joe Biden says evacuations of US citizens and allies from Afghanistan will continue, despite the attack this week in Kabul that has killed 13 American soldiers and many others. Ron also reports on the category 4 hurricane which has battered New Orleans on anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and covid continues a deadly swathe as it continues to run rampant through much of the US.


Ron Elving is Senior Editor and Correspondent on the Washington Desk for NPR News.

10:05 Dive in! The benefits of cold water swimming

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Every morning - when not in lockdown level four - Grant Schofield and his dog Bluey, head down to their local beach in Auckland for a swim. It's their year-round daily ritual, winter or summer, and they're among growing movement of people who swear by the physiological and mental effects of cold water swimming. Grant is a Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and director of the university's Human Potential Centre. His research areas are wellbeing and chronic disease prevention. He says taking a cold dip is like upgrading your brain.

10:35 Book review: The Night Village by Zoe Deleuil

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Photo: Fremantle Press

Elisabeth Easther reviews The Night Village by Zoe Deleuil, published by Fremantle Press

10:45 The Reading

Bernard Kearns reads 'Movements of the Dance', a short story from our Owen Marshall Collection.


11:05 Wild weather evacuations and damage in West Auckland

Flooding in Kumeū.

Flooding in Kumeū. Photo: RNZ/Sarah Robson

Hours of continuous heavy rain in Auckland has caused evacuations from flooded homes in the city's West, submerged cars and some roads are awash.The suburbs of Kumeu, Ranui and Henderson Valley have been particularly hard hit.The deluge has forced the closure of State Highway 16 through the Kumeu township and an evacuation centre has been set up in Henderson. Auckland Emergency Management deputy controller Rachel Kelleher says residents who feel unsafe, should leave their homes - and the emergency situation overrides the Covid-19 stay at home order.


11:10 Kumeu resident's property extensively damaged

Flooding in Kumeū

Flooding in Kumeū Photo: RNZ / Sarah Robson

Guy Wishart is a resident of Board Crescent  in Kumeu and he's the Chair of the Kumeu Ratepayers Association. His freshly renovated home has suffered major damage in the deluge.


11:15 Business commentator Rebecca Stevenson - is another Amazon NZ foray imminent?

Rebecca says Amazon has just reserved the name Amazon Kuiper New Zealand Limited at the Companies Office. Project Kuiper is a US$10 billion project which aims to put 3,236 satellites in low orbit around earth to make high-speed broadband available to tens of millions of unserved and under-served internet users globally.

Rebecca Stevenson is BusinessDesk's head of news.

11:30 Citizens Advice Bureau: the most significant issues arising from lockdown

Close up of man with face mask typing text messages on smartphone sitting in workplace during coronavirus.

Photo: 123RF

Lockdown is not an easy time for many people. It puts financial stress on many households and the disruption to normal daily life also poses unique difficulties and a fair bit of confusion about what's allowed and what's not. Since level four began, the Citizens Advice Bureau has been fielding a number of calls and messages from clients relating to difficulties associated with the lockdown. That includes where to get food assistance, information about employment rights and income relief, issues around moving house or tenancies, as well as a range of questions related to restrictions under level four. Kathryn talks through the most common issues with Andrew Hubbard, the acting chief executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau. 

11:45 Financial Planner Liz Koh - Nest eggs, the mistakes people make with KiwiSaver  

Liz says KiwiSaver is not a 'set and forget' investment. There are many mistakes you can make along the way that can potentially have a significant impact on your retirement outcome. There are mistakes that can be made right from the outset and all the way through to the end of retirement, in terms of the level of contribution, the choice of fund and how you withdraw your money.

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Liz Koh is a financial planner and specialising in retirement planning. This discussion is of a general nature, and does not constitute financial advice.

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