09:05 Expert analysis: low interest rates vs soaring house prices

The run of low interest rates continues with the Reserve Bank yesterday, as expected, holding the official cash rate at a record low 0.25 percent. The central bank says its bond buying programme - a means of printing money -  and its cheap loans to banks will continue unchanged, and it's ready to cut the official cash rate if needed. The Reserve Bank's bond buying programme, of up to 100 billion dollars, is its key means of supporting economic stimulus alongside low interest rates, a strategy matched by central banks around the world. But the huge stimulus in response to the pandemic is also driving up asset prices such as real estate and shares, severely impacting the cost of housing. Kathryn speaks with Michael Reddell, the former Reserve Bank economist and Dr Michael Rehm, senior lecturer in property at the University of Auckland Business School.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

09:20 Cutting the jargon and demystifying money

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100 financial organisations including banks, insurers, financial advisers and the non-profit sector have joined a plan to help demystify money and enhance the financial literacy and capability of the public. The National Strategy for Financial Capability is being launched at parliament today. It is led by the Commission for Financial Capability. Kathryn speaks with its head , the Retirement Commissioner, Jane Wrightson.

09:45 Mourning for Prince Philip, hospo opens, lobbying scandal widens

UK correspondent Hugo Gye joins Kathryn to talk about the nine days of mourning the UK is in ahead of the funeral for Prince Philip this weekend. Lockdown has eased and pub gardens and restaurant terraces are open again, and there have been big lines for a haircut. Meanwhile a scandal involving former British Prime Minister David Cameron continues to grow.

 A woman takes a picture of her drink in Soho as outdoor hospitality venues open their premises to customers after being closed for over three months under coronavirus lockdown.

Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto/AFP

10:05 Wintering: accepting sadness and finding the light - Katherine May

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Photo: Sara Norling

A tree in winter might appear dead, but award-winning author Katherine May points out in her much appreciated book Wintering, in fact it's in bud.Wintering is an exploration of literal and metaphorical winter, the cold fallow time of year, and the dark seasons we all experience in life, where, she says, we can also find light and gain an appreciation of the good things in life. Part memoir, part nature writing,Wintering offers tips for tuning into our lives: for accepting sadness and getting through it. Katherine speaks with Kathryn from her home in Kent.

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10:35 Book Review - Fossils from Lost Worlds by Damien Laverdunt

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Photo: Gecko Press

Elisabeth Easther reviews Fossils from Lost Worlds by Damien Laverdunt. Published by Gecko Press

10:45 The Reading

DENISE, by Lyn McConchie. Read by Elizabeth McRae.

11:05 Shooting at Auckland hotel

An armed police officer at the Sofitel in Viaduct Harbour, Auckland.

Photo: RNZ / Simon Rogers

Details are emerging of a reported shooting at an Auckland hotel. The police say they were called to an address on Viaduct Harbour Avenue shortly after 9 o'clock this morning. They say there were no reported injuries. Armed police are on the scene. RNZ's Gill Bonnett has the latest.

11:07 2degrees joins the 5G party, should you name a robot?

Tech commentator Sarah Putt joins Kathryn to talk about plans by 2degrees to roll out a 5G network, starting in Auckland and Wellington with a plan for 700 sites. Since Myanmar's coup on February 1 there have been prolonged internet outages - but people are finding ways to get around the restrictions. And first there was Siri and Alexa - now more AI tools are finding their way into businesses - but should they be personalised?​

AI Artificial intelligence Deep machine learning concept. Robot icon on mobile phone screen.

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11:25 Teaching children (and adults) wellbeing and coping skills

Kathryn speaks with clinical psychologist Jacqui Maguire about how to teach children wellbeing skills they can use throughout their lives. She's written a children's book When the Wind Blew, which introduces a series of home-based, practical psychological tools designed to "turn down the dial on the fight or flight response".

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11:40 Shooting at Auckland's Sofitel Hotel

RNZ Reporter Katie Todd is at the scene of an police operation in Downtown Auckland, following reports of gunshots at the Viaduct Harbour Sofitel Hotel this morning.

A police car outside the Sofitel in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour.

Photo: RNZ / Simon Rogers

11:45 The Nevers, Mare of Easttown, Young Rock

Dominic Corry joins Kathryn to talk about The Nevers (Neon/SoHo), a new fantasy drama series set in Victorian London, Mare of Easttown (Neon/SoHo), a new gritty mystery-drama series starring Kate Winslet and Young Rock (Prime), a new comedy series about the young Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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