09:05 Local councils fear reform may cause their demise 

Small local councils say the government-led three-waters reform underway could lead to their demise. The Government is planning to create a handful of publicly funded water agencies to take over responsibility of drinking water, waste water and storm water. All of the country's 67 councils have signed up to the initial stages of the plan, but can choose to opt out. Smaller councils say taking the assets and the work of maintaining them away - will also take away much of their assets - and purpose. Dr Jason Smith, mayor of Kaipara District Council, Clutha District Council's mayor Bryan Cadogan, and Stuart Crosby - the president of LGNZ, discuss. 

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09:20 Preventing under 5s from drowning

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Twenty-three pre-schoolers drowned in New Zealand in the past five years. Four out of five of these deaths were boys, which is a marked increase on previous years. Overall, over the last two five-year counting periods the numbers are falling; between 2011 and 2015 thirty-five under fives drowned.  But Drowning Prevention Auckland says even one is one too many, and is warning there is still much to do. As part of a national water safety sector strategy, where under-fives are a key focus, it's offering education in schools and to parents.  Chief Executive of Drowning Prevention  Auckland Nicola Keen-Biggelaar speaks with Kathryn Ryan.

09:45 No concerns in UK over Oxford vaccine safety, Britain debates women's safety

UK correspondent Hugo Gye joins Kathryn to talk about the UK nearing the milestone of having vaccinated half its adult population against Covid. There are no significant concerns in Britain about the safety of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, despite some countries suspending its use. The murder of a London woman has put the spotlight on the safety of women at night and sparked vigils and rallies around the UK. And what does the British government think its post-Brexit place in the world will look like?

Activists protesting violence against women and new police powers contained in the government's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill demonstrate in Parliament Square in London, England, on March 16, 2021.

Photo: David Cliff/NurPhoto/AFP

10:05 The Grizzlies: lacrosse changing lives

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Photo: The Grizzlies

Out on general release in cinemas in New Zealand today, The Grizzlies is based on a true story set in Kugluktuk in Canada's Arctic, where the teenage suicide rate is the highest in North America.  It's an uplifting story about a rookie teacher who arrives from the south and starts a lacrosse team, which transforms this remote Inuit community.  Many among the young cast of high school students are first-time actors.  Kathryn speaks with director Miranda de Pencier, producer Stacey Aglok Macdonald who went to school in Kugluktuk, and first-time Inuit actor Anna Lambe who stars in the film as Spring.

If you or someone you know is affected by this story, you can ask for help:

Mental Health Foundation - www.mentalhealth.org.nz
Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO) - available 24/7
Samaritans: 0800 726 666 - available 24/7
Depression Helpline: 0800 111 757 - available 24/7

10:35 Book review: Marks of Identity: New Zealand Logos 1960-80 by Hamish Thompson

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Paul Diamond reviews Marks of Identity: New Zealand Logos 1960-80 by Hamish Thompson.  Published by Hamish Thompson

10:45 The Reading

Responsibility, part four. Written by Nigel Cox and read by Tim Gordon.

11:05 The new Code War, Facebook's true interests and Amazon's gamification

Technology correspondent Mark Pesce joins Kathryn to talk about whether the Cold War has been replaced with The Code War as the number of exploits, subversions and thefts seems to increase. He'll talk about recent cases and ask - can we really trust anything online? Mark will also look at a damning article which shows how Facebook ignored its own experts' concerns about the role of AI in order to increase engagement and how Amazon is trying to get its workers to be more productive by getting them to use online games.

An Amazon warehouse in Germany.

Is Amazon's attempt to make its employees more productive by gamifying their jobs going to work? Photo: AFP

11:25 Improving your child’s self-management skills

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Parenting coach and educator Joseph Driessen with tips for helping children manage themselves and control their impulsivity.

11:45 Behind Her Eyes, Wellington Paranormal, The Pinkies Are Back

Film and TV reviewer Dominic Corry joins Kathryn to talk about Netflix thriller Behind Her Eyes, the third season of local series Wellington Paranormal and documentary The Pinkies Are Back about a group of women united by breast cancer who rebuild a dragon boating team.

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