09:05 Kiwis in Aus: Covid subsidies end, can't claim unemployment benefit

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There's growing concern for many New Zealanders in Australia as temporary covid JobKeeper payments cease, while they remain ineligible for any other support. The Morrison government agreed to giving eligible New Zealanders employed before covid a fortnightly subsidy, but these payments are due to expire at the end of next month, leaving those Kiwis with no financial support. New Zealanders living in Australia can't claim the unemployment benefit or insurance and are ineligible to apply for citizenship, no matter how long they have lived there. Today marks twenty years since Kiwis' rights were revoked under social security and citizenship laws. Rights advocates say this has lead to an underclass, describing Kiwis in Australia as 'second class citizens'.  Inaugural chairman of advocacy group Oz Kiwi, David Faulkner tells Kathryn Ryan things have been getting progressively worse for New Zealanders living in Australia over the last 20 years.

09:20 Meat the Need: Farming charity helping feed Kiwi families

Meat is often a luxury for some families, but an initiative set up last year by two South Island farmers is helping to put it on the tables of those who really need it. Meat the Need allows farmers to donate money or livestock, and works with Silver Fern Farms to process the meat and distribute it to charities and community organistions that feed vulnerable families. More than 800 animals have been donated, resulting in 370-thousand meals for families. The initiative is the brainchild of Golden Bay dairy farmer Wayne Langford and sharemilker Siobhan O'Malley, who join Kathryn to talk about how they're expanding.

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09:45 Pacific correspondent Koro Vaka'uta 

PNG deals with a spike in Coronavirus cases which has reached the halls of power, meanwhile vaccines are rolled out amid fear and misinformation. And Micronesian nations make it official as they pull out of the Pacific Islands Forum. Listen to Koro's Champions of the Pacific podcast.

This file picture taken on September 5, 2018 shows flags from the Pacific Islands countries being displayed in Yaren on the last day of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).

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10:05 Frida DeGuise: boxing, donuts & stand up comedy 

Stand up comedy is a scene that boasts that anyone is welcome, but that isn't always the case and people have to fight to get in. Frida DeGuise is Australia's only Muslim, hijab wearing comedian, as far as she's aware. Her parents immigrated from Lebanon and she grew up in the Melbourne suburbs. She's been a fashion designer, run a fashion label, and worked as a chef. She's also now running a donut shop! Frida has been on the Australian comedy scene for a few years now and is both trying to break down stereotypes, and just tell some seriously funny jokes. 

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10:35 Book review - Bestiary by K-Ming Chang

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Briar Lawry, Unity Books, reviews Bestiary by K-Ming Chang. Published by Harvill Secker.

10:45 The Reading

Steve Braunias reads the final part of his book 'How To Watch A Bird'.

11:05 Music reviewer Grant Smithies​

Pickle Darling aka Lukas Mayo

Pickle Darling aka Lukas Mayo Photo: Supplied

Christchurch bedroom indie-pop producer Pickle Darling (Lukas Mayo) has two fresh singles released today, tasters for splendid upcoming second album, Cosmonaut. We'll also hear gems from fellow Canterbury singer Captain Drowsy and Jamaican deejay originator U. Roy, who died last week.

11:30 Sports commentator Sam Ackerman

Super Rugby is back this week, a brilliant start from the Black Caps to the T20 series with Australia and should anyone own the silver fern?- the shortlived stoush between Auckland City Kickboxing and NZR.

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11:45 The week that was

Comedians Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood bring a few laughs.