09:05 Should patents apply to Covid vaccines?

There's concern in Europe over delays to Covid-19 vaccines, after manufacturers  Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca both warned of production delays. That's led to legal threats by Italy and Poland and demands by the European Union for the companies to deliver on the billions invested in vaccine development. New Zealand is expected to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine next week, and the Director-General of Health says he doesn't expect any delivery delays because of what's happening in Europe. However a a professor in the economics of disasters, Victoria University's Ilan Noy, says countries should be pushing for the patents to be lifted on vaccines to help increase production. He joins Kathryn to talk about how nations need to stop acting in their own interest.

A French pharmacist holds a vial of the undiluted Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, stored at -70 °, on 15 January, 2021.

Photo: AFP

09:30 Financial watchdog issues scathing report on NZX over cyberattacks

NZX in Auckland.

Photo: 123RF

The government financial regulator has strongly criticised the stock exchange for being ill prepared and slow to react to last year's cyber attacks. Trading on the NZX was halted for four days last August after heavy cyber attacks disrupted its website. A review by the Financial Market Authority says the NZX didn't have adequate technology, systems or trained staff to cope with the denial of service attacks which overwhelmed the NZX site. It says the NZX didn't meet its obligations to ensure a properly functioning market. Kathryn speaks with FMA Chief Executive Rob Everett.

09:30 Vehicle beach ban great for environment

As a fire safety measure over the height of the Christmas-New Year season the Auckland council closed popular Muriwai beach to vehicles. Driving on the sand is usually allowed with a special permit at the popular West Coast surf beach. Rodney Local Board Chair Phelan Pirrie and Muriwai Community Association president Simon Leitch both say the restriction has worked well and had ecological and public safety benefits too.

Muriwai Beach at sunset

Muriwai Beach at sunset Photo: Simon Leitch

09:45 UK: PM confirms schools to remain shut, hotel quarantine plans 

UK correspondent Matt Dathan joins Kathryn to talk about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's press conference this morning, where he confirmed schools will remain shut through to at least March. He's also unveiled plans to quarantine travelers from 22 countries into the UK, but Wales and Scotland say that doesn't go far enough. The UK has surpassed 100,000 deaths, triggering fresh questions about the Government's handling of the pandemic.

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Photo: AFP / Jessica Taylor / UK Parliament"

10:05 Michael Baker on the latest Covid cases

Professor Michael Baker joins Kathryn to talk about the three Covid cases that have now been linked to the Pullman Hotel MIQ facility.

University of Otago epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker

University of Otago epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker Photo: University of Otago, Wellington / Luke Pilkinton-Ching​

10:15 What the doctor ordered: Jo Prendergast on her 'Ghastly' alter ego

By day she's a Christchurch-based psychiatrist. But by night, she can be found on the comedy circuit. Dr Joanna Prendergast was a late-comer to comedy, taking it up at the age of 48 and performing under her stage name of "Jo Ghastly". It's acted as a foil to the seriousness of working in the field of mental health. While she avoids jokes about mental wellbeing, her experience as mum to two teenagers has given her plenty of fodder for the show she's been touring called 'The Cool Mum'. It's just been confirmed for the New Zealand Fringe Festival, which will be held in Wellington in March. You can find details of where she's touring on her Facebook page.

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Photo: Jo Ghastly

10:35 Book review - Best of 2020

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Photo: Allen & Unwin

Ralph McAllister with his top three reads of 2020:

Honeybee by Craig Silvey (Allen & Unwin, $36.99)

JFK by Fredrik Logevall (Penguin Books, $40)

Mr Wilder and Me by Jonathan Coe (Penguin Books, $37)

10:45 The Reading

Footprints in the Sand, episode 4. Written and read by Sarah Boddy.

11:05 NZ tech skills, the trouble with free speech, the news battle

Technology commentator Paul Matthews joins Kathryn to talk about a major report into the tech industry's skill shortage - is there still a shortage? Harmful content vs free speech - where do you draw the line? And in Google vs Australia, who will win the battle over news?

Handwriting text Hello I Am An Internet Troll. Conceptual photo Social media troubles discussions arguments

Photo: © Artur Szczybylo/123RF

11:25 Getting ready for school

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Photo: Supplied

Author of the My Big Moments series of personalised books for young children Hannah Davison talks to Kathryn Ryan about her picture book  Ready For School which doubles as a guide for parents to help tamariki prepare for starting school or change schools.

11:45 Losing Alice, Lupin, Frickin' Dangerous Bro

Film and TV reviewer Tamar Munch joins Kathryn to talk about neo-Noir Israeli Hitchcockian thriller Losing Alice (Apple TV+), classic French detective fiction Lupin (Netflix) and the on-the-road version of Frickin' Dangerous Bro (TVNZ on Demand)

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Photo: IMDb, Facebook