09:05 Tax, Covid debt and the path to recovery

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Yesterday Labour announced its new tax policy - a hike in the top tax rate to 39 per cent for every dollar earned over $180,000. The new rate will raise $550 million per year. National says increasing taxes is no way to recover from a recession, while the Greens say Labour's tax policy is tinkering around the edges and it favours setting two new tax brackets, raising nearly eight billion dollars. The government has already set aside $50 billion in new borrowing specifically for Covid recovery, and government debt is set to peak at 53% of GDP by 2023. Kathryn speaks with economist Cameron Bagrie about the path to economic recovery.

09:20 Televised school sport: Is a governance role needed?

Critics of televised school sport want to see greater scrutiny applied to how it's run, amid concerns the professionalisation of sport at a younger age will increase the pressure on teenage players. Some sporting codes, like rugby, have been broadcast for just over a decade but the advent of Sky Sport Next - a YouTube channel operated by Sky TV in conjunction with the New Zealand Sports Collective - has changed the playing field. 50 minority sports now get airtime - and better sponsorship potential. But critics worry it leaves young players at greater risk though having a bigger audience for any performance failures, media scrutiny, social media abuse and burnout. Kathryn talks with Heath Mills, CEO of the Cricket Players' Association; Peter Miskimmin, CEO of Sport NZ and Iain Potter, CEO of Basketball New Zealand - one of the codes that has joined the Sports Collective.

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09:45 Brexit law break and Covid 'don't kill granny' advice

UK correspondent Matthew Parris joins Kathryn to talk about Boris Johnson's threat to renege on the EU withdrawal treaty, and as a new wave of Covid infections is feared in Britain, the government has been urging young people to be careful and 'don't kill granny'.

An elderly pedestrian wearing a face mask or covering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, walks past graffiti depicting the subjects within famous artworks, but wearing masks, in Glasgow.

A man walks past artwork in Glasgow that's been updated for the Covid era. Photo: AFP

10:05  The 'Jesus' wife' forgery & the scandal that engulfed Harvard

Gospel of Jesus' Wife

Gospel of Jesus' Wife Photo: biblicalarchaeology.org

On September 18th  2012, senior Harvard University scholar, Dr Karen King, revealed she'd found an ancient manuscript, which had the potential to send shock waves throughout the Christian world. On the scrap of papyrus, she believed there to be convincing evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. The immediate reaction was applause but not before long debate raged over its authenticity. Award winning journalist Ariel Sabar followed the story from the start, eventually unearthing the truth. His findings are told in his new book, "Veritas'.

10:35 Book review - Fire Country: How Indigenous Fire Management Could Save Australia

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Paul Diamond reviews Fire Country: How Indigenous Fire Management Could Save Australia by Victor Steffenson, published by Explore Australia Publishing.

10:45 The Reading

How to Walk a Dog, part 4. Written and read by Mike White.

Fair weather or foul, your dog needs to be walked. The sharing of this particular "burden" seems to create a bond between dog owners.

11:05 Transforming tech, cyber attack latest and online voting in the Covid era

Technology correspondent Paul Matthews joins Kathryn to talk about the Government's detailed Industry Transformation Plans being developed for a handful of key future-focused industries, including Digital Tech. He'll also look at the latest on the cyber attacks and the concept of voting online is being discussed again - this time in the context of Covid. 

Teenage Hacker Girl Attacks Corporate Servers in Dark, Typing on Red Lit Laptop Keyboard. Room is Dark

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11:25 Incredible Years: Kaitaia Style

A Northland iwi is putting its own spin on the international Incredible Years parenting programme, localising it with input from kaumatua and kapa haka. Parents or caregivers who sign up for the Kaitaia-based programme can expect to understand their tamariki's development better, learn techniques to encourage positive behaviour and role-play ideas for when behaviour gets challenging. Te Rarawa accredited Incredible Years Group leader Naomi Austen-Reid tells Kathryn Ryan what she loves about the programme.

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11:45 Mulan, Long Way Up, Australian Dream, The Girl on the Bridge

Film and TV reviewer James Croot reviews Mulan, Long Way Up - which reunites Ewan McGregor and his mate Charley Boorman on a new motorbike adventure. He also looks at Australian Dream, about indigenous AFL legend Adam Goodes and documentary The Girl on the Bridge about a young suicide survivor turned mental health advocate.

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