10 Sep 2020

Televised school sport: Is a governance role needed?

From Nine To Noon, 9:27 am on 10 September 2020

Critics of televised school sport want to see greater scrutiny applied to how it's run, amid concerns the professionalisation of sport at a younger age will increase the pressure on teenage players.

Some sporting codes, like rugby, have been broadcast for just over a decade but the advent of Sky Sport Next - a YouTube channel operated by Sky TV in conjunction with the New Zealand Sports Collective - has changed the playing field. 50 minority sports now get airtime - and better sponsorship potential.

But critics worry it leaves young players at greater risk though having a bigger audience for any performance failures, media scrutiny, social media abuse and burnout.

Kathryn talks with Heath Mills, CEO of the Cricket Players' Association; Peter Miskimmin, CEO of Sport NZ and Iain Potter, CEO of Basketball New Zealand - one of the codes that has joined the Sports Collective.

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Photo: 123RF, Sky TV