09:05 Rotorua mayor says Covid outbreak impact hitting

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Photo: RNZ / Vinay Ranchhod

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick talks with Kathryn about concerns in her city after the visit from two infected people over the weekend. Staff at at least one tourist attraction are in self isolation and an extra covid-testing station is opening today. Some Rotorua businesses are reporting bookings being cancelling while others are undergoing deep cleans.

09:15 How genome testing could help reveal the source of community covid

COVID-19, Coronavirus, group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the virus causes respiratory infections. 3D illustration.

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Scientists are analysing the genome sequence of the four positive COVID cases at the centre of the current community outbreak to potentially identify how and when the outbreak started, as well as how far it may have spread. Kathryn talks with Jemma Geoghegan is a senior lecturer in viral evolution at the University of Otago, with a focus on infectious diseases.

09:30 Should the election be delayed?

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Photo: Supplied / Electoral Commission

With Covid-19 back in the community, The leader of the Labour Party Jacinda Ardern is under pressure to change the election date. The leader of the National Party Judith Collins is calling for the election to be delayed - either to November, or early next year. With campaigning on ice, National and other parties say it wouldn't be a fair race. University of Otago law professor Andrew Geddis explains how and why the election could be delayed

09:40 Supermarkets: queues & restrictions are back

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Queues at supermarkets started forming yesterday morning when Covid alert levels changed. Purchases of bread and toilet paper are once again being restricted in the North Island. Kathryn speaks with CEO of Foodstuff's North Island, Chris Quinn.

09:45 Migrant boat coverage criticised, Minister says sorry to kids

UK correspondent Matthew Parris looks at the criticism directed at Sky TV and the BBC for approaching and filming boats filled with migrants hoping to reach the UK. Britain's Education Minister has apologised to every child for the disruption they've experienced due to Covid. And some good news - Ethel the Emu is home safe after a week on the run, following her accidental release by builders.

UK Border Force officers come to meet migrants, believed to have been picked up from boats in the Channel, from Coastal patrol vessel "HMC Speedwell", in the port of Dove.

Photo: AFP

10:05 Coral Trimmer - the nonagenarian harmonica player from Kapiti 

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Photo: Kate Jason Smith

Coral Trimmer started playing the harmonica 85 years ago. The 90-year-old has played music in bordellos in London, to soldiers in the Middle East - and recently moved home to the Kapiti Coast. Coral joins Kathryn Ryan to tell her about growing up alongside her brother, ballet dancer Sir Jon Trimmer, her love affair with a war heroine, and decades of playing music around the world. 

10:35 Book review - How to Be Happy Though Human by Kate Camp

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Photo: Victoria University Press

Airini Beautrais reviews How to Be Happy Though Human: New and Selected Poems by Kate Camp. Published by Victoria University Press.

10:45 The Reading

Someone's Wife, episode 3. Written and read by Linda Burgess.

11:05 Insecurities in most Android phones, Trump's Huawei ban starts to bite

Technology commentator Mark Pesce joins Kathryn to talk about some revelations out of this past weekend's DEF CON hacking conference, which took place online and where security researchers revealed some big flaws in our devices. They included that about one billion Android phones powered with Qaulcomm chips have a big security holes, Huawei's smartphone chips are running out and how the NSA has some tips for those concerned about security that boils down to: "don't use your smartphone".

Technician repairs and inserts the sim memory card on the mobile phone in electronic smartphone technology service. Cellphone technology device maintenance engineer

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11:25 Tools for reducing anxiety and helping children with wellbeing

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As Aucklanders spend their first full day back in alert level 3, and the rest of the country in level 2 anxiety levels among many will be on the rise. How can parents help their children with mental wellbeing?  Sparklers is an online wellbeing resource for teachers, which was created by the All Right? Campaign  following the Canterbury earthquakes to support child wellbeing.  When Covid struck in March, Sparklers at Home was launched for parents and children. Anna Mowat from Sparklers shares techniques and tips that can work for families at home.

11:45 Muppets Now, Howard, Boys State, Lovecraft Country

Film and TV reviewer James Croot joins Kathryn to talk about Muppets Now, the first unscripted series and first original series for Disney+. He'll also look at Howard, about the life of Howard Ashman who wrote the lyrics for some of Disney's biggest hits before dying from AIDS at the age of 40.  If you need more streaming options in lockdown, Boys State on Apple TV+ looks at state programmes in the US giving teens a practical education in how government works, and Lovecraft Country on Soho 2 is a period piece about a Black Korean War veteran trying to find his missing father in segregated America while trying to dodge monsters - human and even more horrifying.

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