09:05 Watchdog to inspect aged care facilities as deaths rise

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Of New Zealand's nine deaths linked to Covid-19, seven have been of residents in aged care facilities. There are now five outbreak clusters linked to aged care facilities. The Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier is to begin a series of targeted inspections this week to provide an independent assessment of how the sector is responding to COVID-19.

09.20 How are university students coping in lock-down?

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How are tertiary institutions serving students and what hardships are their students facing under lock-down? Most universities have moved their courses online since lock-down began on March 24th, with the exception of Victoria University Wellington where online learning is due to start at end of this month. Meanwhile an NZUSA survey of students reveals increasing financial hardship and worsening mental health across the country. Victoria University Wellington Vice Chancellor Grant Guildford speaks with Kathryn Ryan, along with the New Zealand Universities Students Association National President Isabella Lenihan-Ikin and Universities NZ Chief Executive Chris Whelan.

09:30 Mental health services grapple with rising demand and distancing issues

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Lifeline says calls have gone up by a quarter since the lockdown, from the usual number of 10,000 a month, with callers citing anxiety around money, accommodation and relationship pressures. Many mental health services are trying to use video conferencing to interact with existing patients, but what happens when a patient doesn't have internet access? Kathryn talks with Consultant Psychiatrist and University of Otago Senior Lecturer, Professor Christopher Gale and Renee Matthews, clinical manager of Lifeline.

Here are some support options:

09:45 Fears Covid-19 death toll higher in UK rest homes

UK correspondent Matt Dathan joins Kathryn to talk about criticism of the way the pandemic has been handled in care homes as roughly one in seven of the UK's 11,300 homes has seen an outbreak of the virus. The government has announced changes to the way care home residents are tested for the virus, and that families will have the "right to say goodbye" to dying relatives. The UK is focused on how to move out of lockdown as pressure grows, and there's alarming forecasts of the impact on the economy.

A patient arrives at St Thomas's Hospital.

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10:05  Patrick Gale. Family secrets, hidden lives

Patrick Gale

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British novelist Patrick Gale is the author of 19 books, including 'Rough Music', 'A Perfectly Good Man',  the Costa-nominated 'A Place Called Winter' and the emmy award winning TV drama, 'Man in an Orange Shirt' - inspired by his father's love for another man.

His latest novel, 'Take Nothing With You' is about coming of age and the power of music, and is also somewhat lifted from his life and passion for the modern and baroque cello. Patrick Gale, was due to come to the Auckland Writers Festival, which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19.

10:35 Book review - Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

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Photo: Emma Jane Unsworth / HarperCollins

Laura Caygill reviews Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth, published by HarperCollins.

A hilarious read about friendship, motherhood, relationships and social media. Raucous and painfully relatable.

10:45 The Reading

Living as a Moon, part two. Written by Owen Marshall, read by Laura Hill.

11:05 Cell tower attacks - as if we don't have enough to deal with

Technology commentator Bill Bennett looks at why so many cell towers have been attacked globally and here in New Zealand, as misinformation stirs fear and ignorance over a non-existent link between 5G technology and Covid-19.

2020-04-14 19:37:06 NUENEN - Een tijdelijke 5G zendmast is geplaatst naast een vaste zendmast nadat deze eerder zwaar beschadigd is geraakt door brandstichting.

Two more cell towers were attacked in the Netherlands earlier this week, bringing the total vandalised there to nine. Photo: ROB ENGELAAR / ANP via AFP

11:25 Lucy Hone: don't let gloom steal your hope

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Resiliance researcher and author Dr Lucy Hone joins Kathryn with tips on how to reduce anxiety and stop unhelpful catastrophising.

11:45 New local content produced under lockdown

Film and TV reviewer Tamar Munch looks at the new local content that's been made while everyone's in isolation, including Rhys Darby's 'The Alone Rangers', Leigh Hart's 'Big Isolation Lockdown', 'Nadia's Comfort Kitchen' and Sam Neill's 'Das Leek, Das Bad, Das Bogroll'. She'll also touch on some new shows being made just for the kids. 

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