09:05 What's behind the non-bank lending boom?

Non-bank lending is experiencing a boom, as more banks turn down borrowers and more borrowers sign up for "buy now, pay later schemes". KPMG has released its Non-Bank Financial Institutions Performance Survey for 2019, which found a record $324 million dollar profit for the sector. Non-bank mortgages has seen the biggest area of growth - with lending increasing to nearly $3b, but there's also been an increase in non-bank personal loans. Buy Now, Pay Later service providers have also been one of the largest disruptors to the personal finance sector. Joining Kathryn to discuss this is KPMG's Head of Banking and Finance, John Kensington and Dr Claire Matthews from Massey University's business school.

Loan Application Bank Finance Money Businessman Concept

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09.20 Plastic pollution to product: ocean clean-up a perfect cycle

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Ocean Cleanup oceanographer Laurent Lebreton speaks with Kathryn Ryan about the results of their first mission. Floating barriers creating an artificial coastline have been shoring-up plastic rubbish from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.   This polluting plastic is being re-purposed to make products, the proceeds of which could help fund the next ocean clean-up mission.  After three years of research including two field expeditions, extensive laboratory experiments, and data analyses, Ocean Cleanup researchers have published their methodology and a revised estimate of the total amount of plastic waste currently floating at the surface of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

09:45 House set to impeach Trump - but what about the Senate?

USA correspondent Susan Milligan joins Kathryn to talk about moves to impeach Donald Trump this week as divisions between Republicans and Democrats deepen. She'll also talk about who's left in the Democratic primary ahead of another debate this week and NAFTA has been renegotiated but will Mexico adhere to labour protections?

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: An electronic billboard next to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge reads "IMPEACH" with an image of U.S. President Donald Trump on September 25, 2017 in Oakland, California.

 An electronic billboard next to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge reads 'Impeach,' with an image of President Donald Trump. Photo: Getty/AFP

10:05 Democracy on a tightrope

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MIT Economist Daron Acemoglu talks to Kathryn Ryan about the fine line between democracy, despotism, and anarchy. His latest book, 'The Narrow Corridor' written with Chicago University's James Robinson, has researched the very delicate balance between the power of the state and the power of the people.

10:35 Book review - Listening In by Lynley Edmeades​

Lynley Edmeades

Lynley Edmeades Photo: Rory Mearns

Harry Ricketts, from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa, reviews Listening In by Lynley Edmeades​. This poetry collection is published by Otago University Press.

10:45 The Reading

You'll Have Mail, a short story written by David Hill  told by Jane Waddell & Duncan Smith 

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

A sign at Fisher & Paykel Appliances' East Tamaki factory, which is set to shut.

Photo: RNZ / Murielle Baker

Rod Oram talks to Kathryn about the just released Primary Sector Council’s vision, the departure of Fisher & Paykel Appliance’s CEO, and women take the top three posts in NZ’s Artificial Intelligence Forum.

11:30 Where's home? Women's stories of migration

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Lorna Jane Harvey has had her own fair share of switching countries.  She's a British, Canadian, and Swiss writer now living in New Zealand. Lorna tells Kathryn Ryan about her new book 'Somewhere, Women's Stories of Migration' giving voice to twenty different women's stories of migration or displacement, perhaps because they've been forced to move, are in search of a better life, or in one case, been kidnapped by their mother.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Illustration of giants like icon stumping on mobile phone and squashed businessman underneath it

 Social media giants continue to siphon off a large portion of the traditional media's advertising dollar. Is it time they paid for content? Photo: 123RF

Gavin joins Kathryn to talk about the NZME/Stuff 'Kiwishare' proposal - how did that work out for Britain when Rupert Murdoch bought The Times? What are the next steps in deciding on a public broadcasting "super entity" and what about the social media giants still sucking up large amounts of the media's ad revenue?

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz



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