09:05 One billion trees: Where are they being planted?

Where is the government at with the scheme to plant one billion trees in ten years? It follows concerns prime pasture is being converted into lucrative forestry land. Kathryn talks to Head of MPI's forestry service Te Uru Rākau's Julie Collins.

Forestry section in Port Underwood, South Island, New Zealand

Photo: 123RF/ Natalia Catalina Ramirez Roman

09:20 Sperm donor named legal parent in landmark case

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Photo: 123RF

A landmark case in the Australian High Court last week ruled that a man who donated his sperm to a friend who wanted to have a child is the girl's lawful father, and the mother is barred from moving to New Zealand with her. The case could impact thousands of couples and single women in Australia whose children were conceived with known sperm donors. It also sets up a conflict between Commonwealth and state laws in Australia when it comes to the parentage of children born via artificial conception procedures. Kathryn talks with Queensland Family and fertility lawyer Stephen Page.

09:45 Istanbul election blow and pressure on Russia over MH17

Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney reports on Istanbul's mayoral election and how it's a massive blow to President Erdogan. He'll also look at the behind-the-scenes horse trading at the EU summit for some of the top jobs and how Russia has been urged by EU leaders to 'cooperate fully' with a Dutch-led investigation into the crash of a Malaysian Airlines plane in east Ukraine in 2014.

Ekrem Imamoglu, candidate of the secular opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), arrives to make his victory speech.

Ekrem Imamoglu, candidate of the secular opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), arrives to make his victory speech. Photo: AFP

10:05 Sea Edge: A history of Auckland's Waitematā 

Sir Bob Harvey's book Sea Edge is the culmination of years of research into the history and photo archives of Auckland's majestic Waitematā  Harbour. Best known as a Westie for his time as Waitakere's mayor, Sir Bob was actually born in Herne Bay and spent much of his early life on the waterfront where his father was a fisherman. He's drawn on his lifetime's connection to the harbour and his experience in the city's governance to help investigate Auckland's history, its present and issues for its future.

10:35 Book review - Leading the Way

Tararua trampers dressed up as a chorus line - Wilkin Valley, 1960

Tararua trampers dressed up as a chorus line - Wilkin Valley, 1960 Photo: Margaret Foden

Harry Broad reviews Leading the Way: 100 Years of the Tararua Tramping Club by Shaun Barnett and Chris Maclean. Telling the story of New Zealand's first tramping club, the book is published by the club and Potton & Burton. 

A sumptuous feast of a book, this comprehensive history features wonderful photos - and deserves an audience well beyond tramping clubs.

10:45 The Reading

A cleaver is an essential tool in any Chinese kitchen - Rose Lu reflects on her own family history and the importance of the cleaver in that history. This is the first in a series of short stories from the collection 'Page Numbers 2019' - new writing from the MA Course at International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University. The story is told by Nikita Tu-Bryant.

11:05 Political commentators

Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Neale Jones join Kathryn to talk about a possible move by Air New Zealand's Christopher Luxon to the National Party and a potential cabinet reshuffle.

Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Neale Jones was Chief of Staff to Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern, and prior to that was Chief of Staff to Andrew Little. He is now Director of Capital Government Relations.

11:30 Seaweed, not just for sushi

Kale sea spaghetti salad

Kale sea spaghetti salad Photo: Pacific Harvest

Pacific Harvest's Louise Fawcet talks to Kathryn Ryan about the unique culinary properties of seaweed. She says like different vegetables each one lends itself to a variety of culinary uses - some tenderise meat, others are good for noodles or as a gelatine or salt substitute. Seaweed's usage in meals can be traced back to three thousand years ago. Louise has recipes for roasted pumpkin with furikake, sea spaghetti & kale salad, and vegan umami broth.

Louise Fawcett and her husband Doug

Louise Fawcett and her husband Doug Photo: supplied

11:45 New Zealand's cold old housing stock

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Photo: Bill McKay

Bill McKay has a midwinter reminder of how poor our housing stock is  and what we need to do about it.

Bill McKay is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.