09:05 John Tamihere considers legal challenge over rejection by Labour

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The former Labour cabinet Minister and Auckland Mayoralty candidate John Tamihere, says he is considering a legal challenge to the Labour Party over rejecting his application to rejoin the party. Mr Tamihere applied to rejoin the party late last year. But on Monday he received an email saying his application had been rejected. Mr Tamihere says he hasn't been given a good reason - and claims Labour is trying to rort the race for Auckland mayor, as it has already endorsed his opponent and former Labour leader Phil Goff in the contest. Rudy Taylor from the Labour party's Māori council, Te Kaunihera Māori, says Mr Tamihere has not received natural justice.

09:20 Urgent calls for better elderly protection

Elderly woman's hands, care for the elderly concept

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The forced eviction notice given to some elderly residents at the Merivale Retirement Village in Christchurch is sparking calls  for a law change. So what are the current protections and agencies that protect older people's rights - and how easy is it to lay a complaint ? Is there a need for a Minister for Aged Care ? Jessica Wilson is the Head of Research at Consumer  and Age Concern Canterbury chief executive is Simon Templeton.

09:45 Australia correspondent Donna Field

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Reaction in Australia to Cardinal George Pell being found guilty for child sexual abuse and why his conviction was supressed for so long. 

10:05 Libraries of the future: Charles Henry

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President of the (American) Council on Library and Information Resources Dr Charles Henry is digitally re-envisioning libraries so they cross boarders, becoming global.  He's working with teams preserving collections that could be lost to conflict or climate change, and using digital technology and spectral analysis is revealing aspects of our cultural heritage that would otherwise be hidden by time.  Charles is in New Zealand celebrating the centenary of Wellington's Alexander Turnbull Library taking part in a series of events, including his lecture at the National Library called "All Things Made New: Media, Research, Libraries, and the Idea of Culture".

10:35 NZ Book review - Not Bad People by Brandy Scott

Louise O'Brien from New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa reviews Not Bad People by Brandy Scott, which is published by HarperCollins.

10:45 The Reading - Butlers Ringlet

Matthew Chamberlain has been reading Butlers Ringlet by Laurence Fearnley.

11:05 Festival Music

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Music 101's Kirsten Johnston plays music from the Milk and Honey, and Auckland Arts festivals

11:20 Running revolution: Roger Robinson's riveting history

Author, journalist, sport commentator, scholar and world-class runner Roger Robinson who  has just penned a new book  tracing 70 years of the sport he calls - "the biggest peaceful participant activity in human history". Its called 'When Running Made History' and many of the momentous events referenced in the book were witnessed by Robinson himself.

Roger Robinson's own international running career spanned nearly 30 years, from 1966 to 1995. He first competed for England then later for New Zealand.

11:45 Why zebras have stripes

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Science commentator Dr Siouxsie Wiles has good news for those diagnosed with early stage testicular cancer, and revisits that age old question: why do zebras have stripes?