09:05 DNA in criminal investigations

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Law commissioner Donna Buckingham speaks with Kathryn Ryan about updating the law regarding storing and accessing DNA, for criminal investigation purposes, looking at where the balance should be between law enforcement and unreasonable state intrusion into our lives.  Submissions are drawing to a close following the Law Commission's review of the 1995 Criminal Investigations Bodily Samples Act, which originally allowed for storing and accessing DNA profiles from convicted sexual and violent offenders.  The Law Commission has invited comments on its issues paper The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations Te Whakamahi i te Ira Tangata i ngā Mātai Taihara.  Submissions close at the end of March.

09:20 Āhei: Bringing order back to eating

Katie Babbott and Michaela Latimer co-founded Āhei to target people with signs of unhealthy relationships with food before they develop serious eating disorders.

Katie Babbott and Michaela Latimer co-founded Āhei to target people with signs of unhealthy relationships with food before they develop serious eating disorders. Photo: supplied

Hamilton based social-enterprise Āhei was set up late last year by Katie Babbott and Michaela Latimer to curtail the number of people waiting for support for eating disorders. The duo look to provide pre-clinical support to people who show signs of unhealthy relationships with food which are often a precursor to debilitating eating disorders like anorexia. By incorporating new forms of behaviour therapy into their workshops,  Āhei hopes to be the fence at the edge of the cliff. Co-founder Katie Babbott is with us to tell us more.  

09:45 Defections in all directions and Honda no longer

UK correspondent Matthew Parris updates us on the movements in the British Parliament, as three MPs quit the Tory party to join the eight Labour MPs who resigned over their leader Jeremy Corbyn not backing a second referendum on Brexit. And speaking of Brexit - is it to blame for Honda closing its only British car plant, and debate continues on what to do with Isis mum Shamima Begum - will she lose her citizenship?

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in London on February 19, 2019. - Seven MPs quit Britain's main opposition Labour Party on Monday. (Photo by Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP)

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10:05 Samoan Queer Lives

Stories from fa`afafine, transgender, and queer people of Sāmoa - one of the original continuous indigenous queer cultures of Polynesia and the Pacific Islands. Samoan Queer Lives is a new book offering an insight into the lives of LGBTQI Samoans. Co-editors Yuki Kihara and Dan Taulapapa McMullin began collating the stories 11 years ago and the result captures a piece of social history of Samoans at home and the diaspora.

10:35 Book review - The Four Horsemen

David Hill reviews The Four Horsemen by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel C. Dennett and Christopher Hitchens, which is published by Penguin Random House.

10:45 The Reading

These Two Hands by Renee  Episode 9 of 10

11:05 Aerial today, gone tomorrow and Spotify bets on podcasting

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Technology commentator Sarah Putt looks at whether a days of rooftop aerials are numbered, why is music streaming giant Spotify moving into podcasting when it's a low revenue earner and Facebook's been dubbed a "digital gangster" by the British government - and it wasn't meant kindly.

11:25 Tax shakeup: details revealed

Tax Working Group chairman Sir Michael Cullen.

Tax Working Group chairman Sir Michael Cullen. Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

Sir Michael Cullen, chair of the Tax Working Group on the highly anticipated final report into how to improve our tax system. The changes would be the biggest shake-up to the tax system since GST was introduced in 1986. It is expected to recommend a capital gains tax that excludes the family home.

11:35 Parenting kids who have underdeveloped executive skills

Little boy on a swing in the park.

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Parenting expert Joseph Driessen is with us to talk about those kids that are prone to being impulsive, chaotic, forgetful and inattentive. Parents can make a bit difference in using a set of skills to coach their children to develop their executive skills.

11:45 A Very English Scandal, Dirty John and Fresh Eggs

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Film and TV correspondent Tamar Munch has been watching A Very English Scandal, which stars Hugh Grant as British Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe who was accused of conspiracy to murder his gay ex-lover. Sticking in the true crime genre, she's also been watching Dirty John, starring Eric Bana, which chronicles the life of sociopath and conman John Meecham. And finally Fresh Eggs - how fresh?