09:05  Fed-up insurers tighten coverage to Nepal

Insurance scams have been running in Nepal for years, but now a group of underwriters is threatening a boycott if Nepal's government doesn't crack down. Southern Cross insurance boss Chris White talks about the changes his company has made to its coverage and veteran Everest trekker John Gully talks about the importance of having good, trustworthy operators on the ground.

Mountains in Everest region, Himalaya, east Nepal

Mountains in Everest region, Himalaya, east Nepal Photo: 123RF

09:25 Workplace challenges for Pasifika peoples - the brown glass ceiling

Betty Ofe-Grant's PhD research has focused on the career barriers and challenges for Pasifika peoples in senior occupations. In particular, she looked at why Samoans, and by extention Tagata Pasifika don't easily rise to senior levels in organisations. The barriers include biculturalism, and a struggle of conflicting identities and values and missed opportunities. Betty Ofe-Grant is now a lecturer in management at AUT, and she is also doing a research project at Auckland University.

Betty Ofe-Grant

Photo: supplied

09:45 Brazil's deadly dam collapse & Venezuala's regime change

From Brazil, Katy Watson on the aftermath of the deadly Brumadinho dam collapse as more allegations surface about what went wrong. More than 120 people have died and there are still more than 200 missing. Also the US, many Latin American countries and an increasing number of EU countries have recognised Juan Guaido as Venezuala's interim leader.

Rescuers search for vicitms in the mud-hit community of Casa Grande two days after the collapse of a dam at an iron-ore mine belonging to Brazil's giant mining company Vale near the town of Brumadinho, state of Minas Gerias, southeastern Brazil, on January 27, 2019.

Photo: AFP / Mauro Pimentel

10:05  "The wind is the enemy"

Reporter Sharon Brettkelly from the Nelson Tasman district, where fire authorities and civil defence are suggesting evacuees may be allowed to return home over the next few days.  There is cautious optimism that efforts to control the massive wildfire in the region have turned a corner.

10.15 Just Say Nope: Johanna and Brittany Cosgrove

Johanna and Brittany Cosgrove's social activist clothing enterprise NopeSisters took off when Brittany embroidered a mastectotee for mum Bette, to help raise funds for breast cancer, which had a massive reaction on Instagram. A share of their profits go to charities aligning with issues they feel strongly about: consent, period poverty, mental health awareness, sustainable coastlines. There's a teeshirt for about eight different issues close to their heart.  And each one of them is in Te Papa. Neither Brittany or Johanna hold any official qualifications in fashion, marketing or business.  They chat to Kathryn Ryan, along with mum Bette.

10:35 Book review - The Book of Forgotten Authors by Christopher Fowler

Bronwyn Wylie Gibb from University Book Shop, Otago reviews The Book of Forgotten Authors by Christopher Fowler, which is published by Quercus.

"Really interesting, oddly joyful and clever celebration of mostly-wrongly forgotten authors, many of whom had unusual, somewhat startling lives, quite apart from being bestsellers in their day. You'll start haunting library stacks and lurking in second-hand bookshops to get these books"

10:45 The Reading

These Two Hands by Renee  Episode 1 of 10

11:05 Political commentators Mills & Morten

Kathryn talks to Stephen Mills and Brigitte Morten about the latest happenings on the political front, including the political showings at Waitangi and a review in education.

Waitangi dawn service 2019

Waitangi dawn service 2019 Photo: RNZ/Dan Cook

Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research and former political adviser to two Labour governments. Brigitte Morten is a Senior Consultant for Silvereye and a former senior ministerial advisor for the previous National-led government.

11:30 Rubs, glazes and marinades

Marinades from Ripe deli

Marinades from Ripe deli Photo: supplied

With barbecue season in full swing, we've got some great ideas for injecting lots of flavour into your protein of choice. Balinese Rub, Balsamic and Fennel Glaze and Teriyaki Marinade are useful for meat, fish and poultry, tempeh and tofu. The recipes are contained in the new cookbook - Ripe - a third helping. Amy Melchior is the creative director of Grey Lynn's Ripe deli.

11:45 The Hawea River track & volunteer hut restoration

Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne, he checks in from the Hawea River and also takes a look at a new trend in the outdoors - volunteer hut restoration.

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