09:05 Govt to mesh victims: "tell us your stories"


Surgery Photo: 123RF

The Health Ministry has launched a survey asking people harmed by mesh how they would like to share their experiences. Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter says mesh has caused considerable pain and harm to many New Zealanders. More than 1000 people have reported issues with surgical mesh to Medsafe, and ACC has paid out more than $16.7 million on mesh-related harm claims from July 2005 to June of this year. Kathryn talks with the Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health, Dr Andy Simpson.

09:20 Remembering Geoff Murphy

Geoff Murphy in action

Geoff Murphy in action Photo: Supplied

Pioneering filmmaker Geoff Murphy, has died aged 80. He was one of the forces of nature behind the modern New Zealand film industry and is best remembered for the movie Utu and the road movie with a special place in New Zealanders' affections, Goodbye Pork Pie. A rebel who wasn't afraid to voice his strong opinions he became famous for the action sequences in his films. His co-writer on Goodbye Pork Pie, Ian Mune joins Kathryn to pay tribute to Geoff Murphy.

09:25 Plastic-free shopping venture expanding

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Kathryn meets the founder of Auckland bulk goods business GoodFor, James Denton, which claims to be the country's first plastic-free food store. In 19 months it has opened four shops in Auckland and plans to open next year in Wellington, Christchurch and Mt Maunganui. GoodFor sells bulk dry goods as well as oils, vinegars and cleaning products, which customers can put into their own refillable containers.

09:45 Passing of the 41st POTUS, George Bush

US correspondent, Susan Milligan on the passing George Bush senior, what is his legacy?

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10:05 To the point of collapse. Wildlife trafficking uncovered.

Illegal wildlife trade tiger snare

Illegal wildlife trade tiger snare Photo: https://www.traffic.org/

The illegal wildlife trade is pushing vulnerable animals to the brink of extinction, but has received comparatively scant attention. US science journalist Rachel Love Nuwer has spent a decade covering the topic. Her book, 'Poached' is the story of how she pursued the poachers, their associates, and the people who buy their illegal goods, as well as the activists that try to stop them.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya Photo: http://www.rachelnuwer.com/

10:35 Book review - Six Tudor Queens: Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen by Alison Weir.

Lisa Finucane reviews Six Tudor Queens: Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen by Alison Weir, which is published by Hachette.

10:45 The Reading - Billy Bird

Billy Bird by Emma Neal read by Victoria Abbott. Part 2 of 10

11:05 Anger at Rubicon, concern about PGG Wrightson

Business Commentator, Rod Oram reports on anger from Rubicon's shareholders about exit payments for departing executives. A US private equity fund buys into Metro Performance Glass and the Commerce Commission raises concerns about PGG Wrightson's sale of its seeds business to a Danish co-operative.

11:30 Bob the nation's builder

Euclid R-15 dump truck. The backbone of the New Zealand Ministry of Works haul truck fleet on hydroelectric power projects from the 1940s into the mid 1970s

Euclid R-15 dump truck. The backbone of the New Zealand Ministry of Works haul truck fleet on hydroelectric power projects from the 1940s into the mid 1970s Photo: contractormag.co.nz

Bob Norman been instrumental in developing some of New Zealand's landmark infrastructure.  At 95, he can look at a map of the country and know he's really made his mark. He is our second-to-last Commissioner of Works, presiding over the former Ministry of Works and Development for three years in the early eighties. He reflects on a 40 year career overseeing the construction of roads, dams, canals and viaducts: some of them Think Big projects.  Also whether or not we have learnt from history.

Ngauranga Gorge.

Ngauranga Gorge. Photo: Supplied/NZTA

11:45 MediaWorks merger and helm of Maori TV vacancy

Media commentator Gavin Ellis takes a look at the merger of MediaWorks with outdoor advertiser QMS Media, what are the benefits?. Also, who is in the running to replace the CEO of Maori TV, Keith Ikin?.

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

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