09:05 Predictive modelling: Digital vs human decision-making

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How does MSD use predictive data to target at-risk citizens?  Statistics NZ is running a Data Summit conference in Wellington today and tomorrow, and one of the agencies funding it is our biggest government social agency, the Ministry for Social Development.  It comes ahead of the release of a stock take of government agencies using algorithms.  MSD's Deputy Chief Executive for Insights and Investment Nic Blakely tells Kathryn Ryan where the ministry is at with helping our most vulnerable through predictive modelling.

09:20 Avoiding the wrecking ball in Auckland

How to deconstruct a house.

How to deconstruct a house. Photo: Helensville Community Recycling Centre

What happens when you recycle a house instead of demolishing it? Kathryn Ryan talks to Treena Gowthorpe from the Helensville Community Recycling Centre who teamed up with Envision New Zealand to look at  an interesting approach to house removal - 'deconstruction'. Their feasibility project proved there are multiple benefits to deconstructing a house vs. bulldozing it, including up-skilling corrections' workers (who were employed there), reducing waste to landfill, reusing native timber, and community engagement. Mike Vink from Corrections also joins the discussion.

09:45 Has the UK Labour Party healed itself?

Political reporter at the Press Association, Harriet Line says all eyes have been on the Labour Party annual Conference which has been dominated by Brexit, but are those divisions being healed? A bumpy week for the PM Theresa May who is now in New York at the UN and on a lighter note, a beluga whale has been spotted in the Thames.

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May Photo: AFP

10:05 Max Hastings: the "last word" on Vietnam

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Military historian and eminent journalist Max Hastings' VIETNAM An Epic Tragedy 1945-1975 explores the war, and the people it affected, from a variety of perspectives. One reviewer has called it "the last word on the war".  While pointing to Hanoi's atrocities, this is not an apology for the Americans.  It explores the savage and deeply controversial conflict in over 700 pages, assembling witness accounts, stories from beyond the skies and the battle fields: from communist and anti-communist Vietnamese, American soldiers and army advisers, prisoners of war, medics and veterans, to name but a few. One of the veterans Hastings interviewed wrote to him after reading the manuscript saying "I believe the book will become the 'bible' for anyone who wants to try to understand the war".  

10:35 Book review - Journeys to the Other Side of the World by David Attenborough

Sonja de Friez reviews Journeys to the Other Side of the World - further adventures of a young naturalist by David Attenborough, which is published by:Hachette.

10:45 The Reading

Episode 14 of Landings by Jenny Pattrick

11:05 The future of e-books and the internet

Tech commentator, Bill Bennett has been looking at new research which suggests the future of books is hard back rather than the electronic. He also looks into claims by the former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt that the world will be split into two internets - and one of them will be Chinese. Plus are cameras history?

ebook reader

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11:25 How play helps language

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Photo: Pexels

Speech and language therapist Christian Wright talks about the importance of play in pre-school language development and shares five effective strategies to support this.

11:45 Comedy Pilots and New Blood

Mangere Vice

Mangere Vice Photo: supplied

Tamar Munch reviews this week's series of comedy pilots being aired on TV3. The five shows are by established performers and TV3 is inviting the audience to pick the one they like the look of. Meanwhile, over on TVNZ, the network's New Blood Web Series Competition is back with 5 programmes by up and coming film makers. And at the cinema, Tamar has been watching RGB,the intimate portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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