09:05 Could universities be next for bailout?

The former Chancellor of Massey University Dr Russell Ballard, says universities be next in line after polytechs in needing a financial bail out unless the way the sector is structured and funded is fundamentally changed. Falling enrollments in the polytechnic sector have seen the government step in with $150 million worth of bail outs and loans to several institutions just this year. What's stopping the university sector from following suit?

09:20 Brexit through an Irish lens

Fintan O'Toole

Fintan O'Toole Photo: supplied

Fintan O'Toole has been named as one of Britain's top intellectuals, even though he's from Ireland. He has strong views on Brexit, saying the  'the one thing standing between the British people and a way out of the shambles in which they find themselves is a misunderstanding of democracy'. Fintan O'Toole began his week in New Zealand speaking at an Irish Business Network event, and this evening he is giving a public lecture at Otago University, focussing on Brexit through an Irish lens. He has also been appointed the Seamus Heaney's official biographer.

09:45 Russian suspects name in Skripal case

Ruslan Boshirov, left, and Alexander Petrov, have been named as suspects in the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Photo: AFP / Metropolitan Police Service

UK correspondent Kate Adie has the latest update on the Skripal case after two Russian suspects are named. She'll also have details about some of the stories that Britain has been ignoring over the summer like inequality, delayed public transport projects and the obesity crisis. And some that haven't been ignored, like Brexit.

10:05 A journey through the war gardens of the world

Images from War Gardens by Lalage Snow

Images from War Gardens by Lalage Snow Photo: Lalage Snow

Freelance photojournalist, writer and filmmaker, Lalage Snow has worked in some of the most war torn and damaged places on earth. Whilst working in Afghanistan she came across amazing people putting their green fingers to good use in the conflict ridden country. Articles and an exhibition about the lives of those she met followed and now her first book, War Gardens, A journey through Conflict in Search of Calm. She joins Kathryn to talk about the gardens, gardeners and her own journey to find them.

10:35 Book review - Now We Shall Be Entirely Free by Andrew Miller

Laura Caygill reviews Now We Shall Be Entirely Free by Andrew Miller, which is published by Hachette.

10:45 The Reading

Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance by Lloyd Jones read by John McDavitt. Episode 9 of 10.

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11:05 Online voting, NZ's CTO & personal stats

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Photo: 123rf

Tech correspondent, Sarah Putt looks at online voting and whether it will be on the cards for next year's council elections? She also asks if it's time to rethink the national CTO role and how much information people are willing to reveal.

11:25 Growing young adults with grit and heart

Avondale College students.

Avondale College students. Photo: RNZ / Indira Stewart

Growing and developing young adults with grit and heart - who can handle real world pressures - has been the focus for family coach Yvonne Godfrey for the past decade. She's a coach, author, speaker and the founder of founded MIOMO, a 4-day independence programme to equip 16+ youth for adult life. She says many young people lack confidence and independence, and parents need help with how to equip their kids to thrive on their own once they've left the nest.

11:45 Three films and some Stephen King

In the Fade, McQueen and Stray

In the Fade, McQueen and Stray Photo: composite

Reviewer, Sarah McMullan has been watching a German film, In the Fade, documentary McQueen and New Zealand film Stray. And for Stephen King fans the ultimate show: Castle Rock set in a fictious town full of character the author created.