09:05 Waimea Dam proponents look for alternative funding 

Water users on the Waimea Plains say a dam is essential to secure the region's future.

Water users on the Waimea Plains say a dam is essential to secure the region's future. Photo: PHOTO NZ

Irrigators on the Waimea Plains near Nelson say they're now considering alternative funding options to their 100-million-dollar Waimea Dam project, after a shock vote to block its construction over cost concerns. The President of Horticulture New Zealand, Julian Raine, says everyone from growers, to hairdressers, to local cafes will be affected, and the decision will also have a negative impact on the local environment. Golden Bay resident Dr Roland Toder  is against the dam because of the funding model, and Tasman District Mayor, Richard Kempthorne who voted to proceed with the dam, says he won't give up on the project yet.

09:20 Gluten free dogs?

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Vets say they're concerned over the growing anti-vaccine lobby among pet owners, and food fads such as raw and grain-free diets for animals are gaining popularity. British vets Danny Chambers and Zoe Belshaw raised the issue in a recent opinion piece published in New Scientist. In it, they say alternative therapies for animal diseases have become widespread, including homeopathy, Chinese medicine and even pet psychics offering therapy via Facebook messenger. The New Zealand Veterinary Association says it's aware of anti vaccination sentiment among some pet owners and a growing interest in raw food diets. Kathryn talks with Danny Chambers from Langford Vets, part of the University of Bristol and Helen Beattie, Chief Veterinary Officer with the New Zealand Veterinary Association.

09:45 British PM does the Robot Dance

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: AFP

UK Correspondent, Matthew Parris joins Kathryn with news Theresa May has been trying to boost her image with trade deals in Africa and robot dancing. Also news that the former chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks has described Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite. 

10:05 Jean Sasson: Coming out of the Shadows

Author Jean Sasson

Author Jean Sasson Photo: supplied

Author Jean Sasson moved to Saudi Arabia as a young woman in 1978 with a thirst for adventure. The life she found there and the women she met profoundly changed her world. Her relationship with one Saudi Princess formed the basis for her best selling Princess series which tells the story of what life is like behind closed doors in Saudi Arabia. The latest book in the series, Stepping out of the Shadows, revisits the Princess and her family again at a very different point in the country's history. Changes are afoot in Saudi Arabia, women can drive, but there are still many restrictions. Jean has written more than 10 books, including Growing up Bin Laden which she wrote with one of Osama bin Laden's wives and her son, Omar.

10:35 Book review - The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

Charlotte Graham-McLay reviews The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

"Sonya Renee Taylor looks beyond the ideas of "body positivity" that have been co-opted by corporations to explore the politics of radical self-love, and the way our relationships with our own and other people's bodies can help bend the world towards justice. She is a poet and who runs her own media platform and is in New Zealand on a global entrepreneurship visa."

10:45 The Reading

 Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance by Lloyd Jones (# 4 of 10) read by John McDavitt.

11:05 Streaming services; Trump vs Google and Fortnite

Tech commentator Bill Bennett on the changes in how people are watching TV, Trump accusing Google of burying good stories about him and Fortnite on Android is open to hackers.

File photo.

File photo. Photo: AFP or licensors

11:25 Bug busting: headlice and how to get rid of them

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Julie Chapman founded KidsCan 13 years ago, which runs a health hygiene programme in 732 primary schools nationwide.  Head lice treatment is top of their list. They've sent out 25,000 bottles of head lice treatment this year, and recently ran a nit busters campaign. Julie talks to Kathryn Ryan about how best to get rid of nits.

11:45 New Shows: Uncharted with Sam Neill and Alibi

Uncharted with Sam Neill, TVNZ's new on demand series, Alibi

Uncharted with Sam Neill, TVNZ's new on demand series, Alibi Photo: composite

Tamar Munch reviews two new local shows: Alibi on TVNZ on demand which uses innovative narrative techniques to tell the story of a rural New Zealand community where a 17-year-old girl has been murdered. She's also been watching Uncharted with Sam Neil on Prime which follows in Captain's Cook's wake around the Pacific


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