09:05 Bay of Islands' housing shortage affects tourism workers

Tourism is booming in the Bay of Islands, but it is difficult to attract hospitality staff because of the lack of available and affordable rental housing. Kathryn discusses the issue with Riki Kinnaird, who is the co-owner of the historic Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell, Marine tourism operator, Explore Bay of Islands, General Manager Ross Brljevich and Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts.

09:20 Sorting good information from bad

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In a world bursting with information - and misinformation- how can we cut through to what is real? Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw is a research associate at the Public Policy Institute at The University of Auckland and the co-director of The Workshop. She calls herself a good evidence agitator, and has just published a book called A Matter of Fact:Talking Truth in Post Truth World.

09:45 Russia prepares for more sanctions

Moscow based correspondent, Matthew Bodner with the latest on Russia's preparations for more sanctions, and the late US senator John McCain's legacy from a Ukrainian and Russian point of view.

10:05 Rocket Men - Man's first journey to the Moon

Fifty years ago, in December 1968, the US launched its Apollo 8 mission to the Moon. Commander Frank Borman, command module pilot James Lovell, and lunar module pilot Bill Anders flew  230,000 miles out into space, orbited the Moon ten times and returned home. Kathryn Ryan talks to American author Robert Kurson whose new book, 'Rocket Men' tells the compelling narrative behind man's first  journey to the moon.

10:35 Book review - Never Anyone but You by Rupert Thomson

Jenna Todd from Timeout bookstore reviews Never Anyone but You by Rupert Thomson, published by Little, Brown.

"Never Anyone But You is a straight-up, no nonsense, excellent read. Through the eyes of two inspiring women, we see the glitz of the roaring 20's in Paris to the horrors of the German occupation on Jersey, we are reminded of the value of true love and companionship, whatever form that may take."

10:45 The Reading

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Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance by Lloyd Jones read by John McDavitt. Episode 1- 5  of 10.

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11:05 Getting political with Hooton & Williams

In politics, Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams talk to Kathryn about National Party leader Simon Bridges' handling of the leak inquiry from the start, to the text saga, to his media conference. Also the demotion of Labour MP, Clare Curran.

Simon Bridges Clare Curran

Simon Bridges Clare Curran Photo: composite

Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Mike Williams is a former Labour Party president.

11:30 Hemp: A Food for life?

Hemp seed Freezer Fudge

Hemp seed Freezer Fudge Photo: Cameron Sims

Cameron Sims loves all things to do with hemp and he is on a mission to share his vision for a New Zealand that embraces hemp too. He began a company, Plant Culture in 2016, to market and sell hemp seed products. He says it is the most nutritious seed on the planet and is extremely versatile. He'll have recipes for Hemp See Freezer Fudge, Chocolate Hemp Smoothie as well as suggestions for hemp sauces and aioli.

11:45 Palmerston North's backyard tramping hut

Outdoors adventurer Kennedy Warne visits the country's largest glacier. Also, last year, devoted outdoors couple and dedicated whio protectors Fiona Burleigh and Anthony Behrens decided to build a classic Kiwi tramping hut in their Palmerston North back yard, and a word about "The Meg" .

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