09:05 Andrew Little on the “crisis” in criminal justice

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The Justice Minister talks with Kathryn about his plans for the biggest changes to the criminal justice system for 30 years. Andrew Little is not ruling out law changes, even before the next election. He says a major summit to be held the week after next, is the first step in reforming what he says is a broken system. The summit later this month will include experts in criminal justice, victims, victims' advocates, and front-line workers.

09:30 Nurseries & orchardists take MPI to court

Affected plants seized by MPI

Affected plants seized by MPI Photo: http://www.mpi.govt.nz/

A group of five industry members have joined together to challenge MPI's directive to contain or destroy over 48,000 seedlings, because they were unauthorised goods under the bio-security act. The seedlings were mainly for apples, peaches and apricots and included new varieties of fruit, being developed for the market.  The group claims the Ministry's behaviour is costly and unnecessary,  it would destroy the benefits of six years work spent in developing new fruit varieties and take 10 years to catch up. MPI has agreed that no trace of serious diseases had been found among the cuttings but said it could take no chances on biosecurity.  Kathryn talks with Kerry Sixtus from Pattulo's Nurseries.

09:45 Islamaphobia Allegations against Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson pictured in March 2018

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UK Correspondent, Tim Sculthorpe has details about the storm engulfing former foreign security, Boris Johnson over comments he made about burkas and Labour's week is no better with Jeremy Corbyn still failing to stamp out the latest row over anti-semitism.

10:05 Sport and New Zealanders: A History

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Why does sport mean so much to New Zealanders? Do Kiwis punch above their weight internationally? What role have Maori played in NZ's sporting life? And why did rugby become more popular than football? These are questions that academic and sport enthusiasts, Greg Ryan and Geoff Watson have attempted to answer in their book, Sport and the New Zealanders: A History. They join Kathryn to talk through NZ's rich tapestry of sporting life.

10:35 Book review - Prague Spring by Simon Mawer

Ralph McAllister reviews Prague Spring by Simon Mawer, which is published by Hachette.    

10:45 The Reading

Resistance by Rebecca Barnes (episode 9 of 15.

11:05 Google in China and the voice shopping hype

The logo of Google on the facade of headquarter of the parent company Alphabet.

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Sarah Putt looks at why we shouldn't believe the hype about voice shopping, Rocket Lab's next launch  and will Google return to China?

11:25 Strategies for teenagers with behavioural needs

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So now you've hit the turbulent teens - what to do ? They're attracted to risk, increasingly distracted, and less and less attached to adults. Many conventional forms of parenting rely on tools such as rewards and consequences and while these strategies work quite well with most young adults, they are least likely to work with the ones who have the most behavioural needs. Adrienne Wood, an ex high school teacher and lecturer in human development, who works with parents of adolescents and pre-teens experiencing significant behavioural issues. She talks to Nine to Noon about using the attachment-based developmental theory of Canadian psychologist Gordon Neufeld.

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11:45 Reviews: Angie and Midnight Oil

Midnight oil

Midnight Oil Photo: supplied

Sarah McMullan reviews two documentaries: Angie - about the aftermath of coming of age at CENTERPOINT with Bert Potter. And she also has been watching MIDNIGHT OIL: 1984 - which includes never before seen live footage & interviews of the band. There's also two new series coming to Lightbox: AMERICAN WOMAN and MR MERCEDES.


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