09:05 Alarm raised over prospect of new mining permits on DOC land

The Ministry of Business and Innovation is defending its decision to open up two vast new areas for prospecting in the South Island after a three-year moratorium. The areas - one in Otago covering more than 33,000sq km and another in Nelson covering nearly 8000sq km - include some conservation land, including reserves, conservation areas and national parks. Both had been closed to prospecting while a 3 year regional aeromagnetic survey programme was undertaken,  in part to help identify mineral deposits, and to allow an allocation strategy for the areas to be developed. Environmental group Forest & Bird's Kevin Hague is questioning why this was allowed to happen when the Government was just weeks away from beginning its consultation on how to fulfil its "no new mines on conservation land policy ". Kathryn also talks Chris Baker of Straterra, which represents the New Zealand minerals industry.

09:20 Super athletes of the future

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Photo: ocusfocus/123RF

Professor Diana Bowman, from Arizona State University's School for the Future of Innovation in Society is researching the potential impacts of human gene editing on global sport. Could embryonic gene editing result in super athletes? A look at the ethical, legal and social implications.

09:45 Vanuatu's Ambae volcano alert level rises

Ambae volcano activity map

Photo: VMGD

RNZ Pacific journalist Koro Vaka'uta with the effect the ash fall from Vanuatu's Ambae volcano is having on local communities, and attempts to reassure people in Samoa over the safety of vaccinations, following two infant deaths. 

10:05 Gabrielle Brady: Island of Hungry Ghosts

Gabrielle Brady's first feature documentary is a raw, hypnotic film about Christmas Island called Island of Hungry Ghosts. The Australian filmmaker wanted the island to be a powerful presence in the film which focuses on a trauma counsellor. Poh Lin was living on the island, trying to work in the system and help the refugees who are detained there. The film interweaves those stories with the ancient migration of 40 million crabs across the island. The film was four years in the making and won the feature documentary prize at the Tribeca Film Festival. Gabrielle joins Kathryn to talk about telling a familiar story in a very different way. Island of Hungry Ghosts is showing at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

10:35 Children's Book review

Rachel Eadie from Scorpio books reviews two young adult titles:

Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas by Ant Sang and Michael Bennett, published by Penguin.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, published by Pan Macmillan.   

10:45 The Reading

Dance of the Peacocks  by James McNeish read by Ian Johnstone  part 10  of 10

This reading, is not available online due to copyright restrictions

11:05 Blair Parkes, the Blue Nile & Fabulous Arabia

Fabulous Arabia, Blair Parkes & the Blue Nile

Fabulous Arabia, Blair Parkes & the Blue Nile Photo: composite

Music reviewer Grant Smithies goes ape over two killer new tracks from New Brighton krautrocker Blair Parkes, spins the slinky new single from local “tudor reggae” pioneers Fabulous Arabia, and lurches back to the mid 80s to blow the dust off a stone cold classic from Glasgow trio, The Blue Nile.

11:30 Rugby, Super Rugby and Boxing

Joseph Parker waves to his supporters as he leaves the ring after his fight against Anthony Joshua in March.

Joseph Parker waves to his supporters as he leaves the ring after his fight against Anthony Joshua in March. Photo: PhotoSport

Sports Commentator Brendan Telfer looks at why our men and women apparently have a ‘stranglehold’ on world rugby titles, Joseph Parker gets back into the boxing ring and it is the super rugby semi-finals this weekend.

11:45 The week that was

cat flap

cat flap Photo: supplied

James Elliott and Michele A'Court on the cat flap that caught out a Waikato woman, and the Virginia Beach runaway snake.