09:05  Govt unveils review of $18b dairy industry

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The shape of a major review of the dairy industry has just been revealed by the Agriculture Minister.
Damien O'Connor says the legislation governing Fonterra - passed 17 years ago, is to be comprehensively reviewed.
The review will include how farmers enter and exit the co-op, the contestabilty for milk, and the incentives and disincentives for diary to move to sustainable, higher value production and processing.

09:15 Infant & toddler food supplements - what's best for your baby?

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand is looking at overhauling its infant formula regulations. Health experts warn, a change in rules to include more  information about the nutritional value of infant formula would push up prices, but do little else. Infant formula manufacturers say all they want is to give parents who use formula more choice to make better decisions. Do we need stricter standards or more choice ? Jan Carey is the Australian-based CEO of The Infant Nutrition Council and Dr Nina Berry is from The University of Sydney's School of Medicine who has done research around child infant nutrition and how the influence of marketing on toddler milks effects beliefs on infant feeding.

09:25 Tracking flu around New Zealand

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ESR has developed a new way of tracking the spread of flu in real time. The Flu dashboard feeds in information from hospitals, doctors, Healthline and laboratories around the country, testing which strains are turning up where. The ESR's Dr Lisa Oakley explains.

09:35 The Iran Deal - What now? Meir Javedanfar

US President Donald Trump signs a document reinstating sanctions against Iran after announcing the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal.

US President Donald Trump signs a document reinstating sanctions against Iran after announcing the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal. Photo: AFP

As President Donald Trump moves the US out of the 2015 deal with Iran, how is the world reacting?  Meir Javedanfar is an Iranian-born analyst and lecturer in contemporary Iranian politics at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel. He says there are notable Israelis, who want to keep the Iran Nuclear Deal.

09:45 Australia correspondent, Peter Munro

Peter has reaction from Australia's federal budget which was released on Tuesday night. It's a pre-election budget, centred around modest tax cuts and an overhaul to the tax system. Peter also has the latest on calls for a a rematch of the A-League grand final, after a major failure of the video assistant referee technology saw the winning goal come from an offside position.

10:05 Transgender New Zealand teen - being who you want to be

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Photo: http://docedge.nz/film/born-this-way-awas-story/.

Awa Puna is an openly transgender 18 year old from the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington. She talks about becoming her authentic self and the problems with getting gender reassignment surgery in New Zealand. She is joined by her Mum Caroline Beaufort-Puna who was the first person she told about wanting to transition, and who has helped support Awa throughout her journey. The story is featured at Doc Edge 2018, Born This Way: Awa’s Story.

10:35 Book review: A Sister in My House

Rae McGregor reviews A Sister in My House by Linda Olsson, published by Penguin.

10:45 The Reading

A view across Lake Ohau with a snowy peak in the background.

Lake Ohau Photo: Bruce Hopkins

Weddings and wading knee-deep in snow on the way to Wanaka....it's been a been a bit of a week for Bruce Hopkins on The Long Way Home.

11:05 Music with Graeme Downes

Graeme features the music of American Singer and Songwriter Judee Sill including The Kiss, Crayon Angels and Jesus Was a Crossmaker. Graeme Downes is a musician, musicologist, and senior lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago.

11:20 Niki Harre: The Infinite Game

The Infinite game is a re-imagining of life as a game where playing is more important than winning. It's an invitation to live life differently to improve yourself and your community. Professor Niki Harre from the University of Auckland joins Kathryn to discuss her book, The Infinite Game, and asks people to think about what is important to them, and use that to inform how they live their life with less concentration on competition and status, and more emphasis on community.

Professor Niki Harre

Professor Niki Harre Photo: supplied

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

An American art museum plans to sell off work by white male artists to address historical imbalances in their collection, and a whip round exhibitions opening and closing around New Zealand.