09:05 NZ's main textiles company pulls out of fashion

The Andrea Moore store in Wellington.

The Andrea Moore store in Wellington. Photo: Instagram / Andrea Moore

New Zealand's largest textiles supplier is shutting it's fashion division - which some local designers say will leave a huge hole in the industry. Charles Parsons will instead concentrate on the furniture fabrics. This news follows the announcement earlier this year that another company, Cooper Watkinson Textiles, is quitting the industry. This latest blow comes after several high profile local fashion labels have been forced to shut down - women's label Andrea Moore, menswear brand Meccano and the shoe store, Minnie Cooper. Kathryn  Ryan speaks to long time fashion industry advocate, Paul Blomfield, designer Abby van Shreven from label Maaike and industry veteran Carly Tolley.

09:20 Have sanctions on N. Korea forced Kim Jong-Un to the table?

North Korea said at the weekend that its intention to denuclearize, announced at an historic inter-Korean summit last month, was not the result of U.S. led sanctions, warning the US not to mislead public opinion. In the past both the US President and South Korea's leader have credited their ' maximum pressure' sanctions policy on improved relations with the hermit kingdom. North Korea's warning comes with just weeks to go before President Donald Trump and its leader Kim Jong Un are expected to hold their first-ever summit. Joshua Stanton, of  the One Free Korea blog is the principal drafter of the tough sanctions legislation that President Obama signed into law in February 2016.

09:45 Germany correspondent Thomas Sparrow

Thomas Sparrow is Political and Security Correspondent for Deutsche Welle. Today he discusses concerns over press freedom in Europe, mounting violence against teachers in German schools, and German government clashes over military spending.

10:05 Chris Riddell: children's laureate, illustrator and political cartoonist

Chris Riddell is a prolific writer and illustrator who can turn his hand to children's artwork as easily as scathing satirical sketches. He distinctive line drawings grace his own stories as well as those of Neil Gaiman, Paul Stewart, Russell Brand and later this year his illustrations for JK Rowling's Beedle the Bard will be released. Well known for his fantasy and fiction illustrations, he is also a renowned political cartoonist for the The Observer, The Literary Review and The New Statesman. He is appearing at the Auckland Writer's Festival to talk about his political sketches.

10:35 Book review

Catriona Ferguson reviews You Be Mother by Meg Mason, published by HarperCollins.

10:45  The Reading

Reaching the Topp - well, one of them. Lynda with Paul and Bruce ready to do the chores

Reaching the Topp - well, one of them. Lynda with Paul and Bruce ready to do the chores Photo: Brue Hopkins

The Long Way Home continues with Bruce Hopkins, who meets up with some hunters in the hills before finding a long lost friend, and dropping in on Lynda Topp.

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton & Stephen Mills

Our political commentators discuss the phenomenon of political rumours, the Waka jumping bill, and what recently released party donations details reveal.

Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research and former political adviser to two Labour governments.

11:30 Stepping up to the plate

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Photo: https://theperformancepantry.co.nz/

From going on an after-work run to training for a half marathon, are you aware of what types of food, and when, you should eat? The Performance Pantry in Wellington works with athletes from across the board – advising people on food intake, and providing practical tips with supermarket shopping and performance cooking – all aimed towards achieving optimal health and supporting training needs. Kathryn Ryan speaks with sports dietitian Becky Jones.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Outdoorsman and adventurer Kennedy Warne brings us the aching beauty of peak autumn colour in Otago on the Crown Range Road from Arrowtown to Wanaka. He also discusses the US National Memorial for Peace and Justice which opened just over a week ago in Montgomery, Alabama.

'Gather up the bloodstained soil'—US National Memorial and Parihaka

Alabama Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Hallowed Earth—creating new meaning from the soil of lynching sites