09:05 Long-awaited youth hub on the way for vulnerable Cantabrians

Dr Sue Bagshaw.

Dr Sue Bagshaw. Photo: Christchurch Dilemmas

Desperately needed medical, mental health and housing support is finally on the way for vulnerable youth in Canterbury in what will become a one-stop-shop service. Once built, it will bring together several specialist youth services, including Dr Sue Bagshaw's 298 Youth Health medical centre, an employment agency, and youth activities organisation The White Elephant Trust. The Youth Hub Trust will also build accommodation for 20 youth in transition to more permanent housing. Kathryn Ryan speaks with Dr Bagshaw about the startling youth homeless statistics that led to the project.

09:20 Police probe suspicious break-ins targetting academic

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Photo: Wilson Centre

The police have re-opened the investigation into the break-ins targetting a Christchurch academic, who has linked them to Chinese spies. Dr Anne-Marie Brady, who has published articles on China's global influence, believes Beijing was behind a break-in at her home last month and at her office last last year. The Prime Minister and Minister for Security and Intelligence Jacinda Ardern has said she is seeking further information about the burglaries. Dr Brady has recently appeared before the Australian Parliament's intelligence and security committee considering a range of measures to combat foreign influence. She tells Kathryn Ryan New Zealand needs to follow suit.

09:45 USA correspondent Susan Milligan

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Photo: AFP

US correspondent, Susan Milligan, on the proposed talks between the President and North Korea – is it an historical thaw in relations, or a meeting could never end up happening? Also, the hundreds of executive appointments, like Ambassador to South Korea, which are still vacant.

10:05 Alex Pressman: the seaweed man

Alex Pressman is a former IT entrepreneur from the US now living in Nelson. He came to New Zealand to retire but got bored and started up an eco-business that harvests an invasive seaweed and turns it into food and fertiliser. He joins Kathryn to talk through the potential of this industry for New Zealand and how using it could improve soil quality and prevent nitrate leaching into the waterways.

10:35 Book review

Kathryn Carmody reviews Money in the Morgue by Stella Duffy and Ngaio Marsh, published by HarperCollins.

10:45 The Reading

Baby No Eyes by Patricia Grace (Ep. 7 of 17)

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Rod Oram has more on Insurer CBL's liquidation as the story around its demise gets ever more complex; Fonterra invests in a German food startup but reveals nothing about the scale of its investment and LanzaTech, NZ-born but US-raised tech company, once again it's the standout among listings of top biofuel companies

11:30 Author Fleur Beale on her new work, Lyla

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Fleur Beale is one of New Zealand's most prolific authors and the winner of many awards for children and young adult books. Her latest work is a novel that tells the story of a young girl who experienced the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. It's part of an international series called Through my Eyes - Natural Disaster Zones, which is a series written by different authors focusing on war zones and disasters throughout the world. Fleur's book is based on real accounts of what happened in Christchurch told through the eyes of a young girl, Lyla. Fleur, who has won the Margaret Mahy Medal for her outstanding contribution to children's writing, and was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to literature, joins Kathryn to talk about her latest work, and why young adult fiction is the best and the process of getting a story right.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

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Photo: NME

This week, Gavin has been looking into the curious case of Alberic Whale – and the efforts by the Spinoff and Stuff to pin down this mercurial entrepreneur. Also, the demise of New Music Express – had it passed its use-by date?

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz



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