09:05 Widespread Massey University enrollment problems 'a nightmare'

Massey students say glitches with the university’s IT system is seeing some students miss out on courses, and even student loans and allowances. On campus and extramural students are reporting difficulties in enrolling, with just weeks before lectures are due to start. Kathryn Ryan talks to President of Massey’s Extramural Students’ Society David McNab, Ben Schmidt who is the President of Massey University Students’ Association, student Jacqueline Eade, and Massey spokesperson James Gardiner.

09:20 Scammers & fraudsters targeting all ages

Online fraudsters are targeting both young and old in increasingly sophisticated ways, according to the Commission for Financial Capability. Its Fraud Education Manager, Bronwyn Groot, has spent 20 years in the field, starting when she worked in a bank in her home town of Waiuku. She talks to Kathryn about how to avoid getting ripped off.


09:45 UK correspondent Tim Sculthorpe

UK Correspondent Tim Sculthorpe on current Cabinet talks to agree a UK position on Brexit trade talks, while rumours persist the right-wing Tories could try to evict Theresa May from No 10.


10:05 So they are not forgotten: White Chrysanthemum's 'Comfort Women'

Kim Hak-Sun was the first Korean 'comfort woman' to come out publicly, testifying in 1991 about her experiences.

Kim Hak-Sun was the first Korean 'comfort woman' to come out publicly, testifying in 1991 about her experiences. Photo: Wikipedia

In 2002, Mary Lynn Bracht visited her mother's childhood village, and first learned of the Korean sex slaves set-up  for the Japanese military during WWII. It was to be the inspiration for her debut novel, White Chrysanthemum, about two sisters Hana and Emi, cruelly separated by war. The book is already being compared with Memoirs of Geisha and the rights were snapped up within 24 hours of its completion.


10:35 Book review - "The Immortalists" by Chloe Benjamin

Lisa Finacane reviews The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin, published by Hachette.


10:45 The Reading

Stepping Out - a short story by Patricia Grace.


11:05 New technology

Sarah Putt on how Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world, how Smart glasses are being revisited, and how to raise $10vmilliom for your start up, in a week!


11:25 Talking to children about war


SONY DSC Photo: Supplied

Wellington-based author Philippa Werry talks to Kathryn Ryan about the importance of talking to children about war. Although children might hear about the big international wars, what do they know of our own? Philippa's latest book is The New Zealand Wars. She has also thought a lot about the importance of talking to children about peace.


11:45 Viewing with Lara Strongman

TV and film writer Lara Strongman has been watching three programmes, which are charming, funny, full of dignity and love, and as New Zealand as they come: Casketeers (TVNZ), Subject:Dad (TV3), FAFSWAG Vogue (interactive documentary).

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Photo: fafswagvogue.com



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