09:05 Credit card spending expected to spike

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Credit card spending is expected to spike in the next few weeks as New Zealanders splash out on Christmas presents and holidays. Over the last five years, credit card spending has risen by a third to a whopping $43 billion dollars for the last year. Christmas spending is a major force on Kiwi's credit cards. December sees national sales rising by about $1 billion annually, with credit card spending rising by about $470 million. Kathryn speaks with Westpac Chief Economist Dominick Stephens.

09:20 Over 5s thriving with cohort entry

Currently 90 percent of children start school within two weeks of their fifth birthday.

Currently 90 percent of children start school within two weeks of their fifth birthday. Photo: 123RF

The Government plans to scrap cohort entry to school for children before they turn 5. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that is in the best interest of kids. Families will still be able to start their child when they turn 5 or in a cohort after their birthday. Kathryn speaks to a pre-school and school in Greytown that have been practising cohort entry for more than a year, but just for over-5s. What are the benefits and challenges to starting school in a group and waiting a little longer to get into the classroom?

09:30 Silent sleep: risks to whales, porpoises and dolphins

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Marine Biologist and researcher with Gateway Antarctica at the University of Canterbury Andrew Wright has found whales, dolphins and porpoises are putting themselves in danger when they sleep.  Andrew tells Kathryn Ryan his research discovers porpoises go into a slow low-energy dive when they sleep, with half their brain switched off - the part that sends out echolocation clicks, meaning they can't detect fishing nets and may end up in them.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

Kate Adie on the Budget revealing the unavoidable fact the UK hasn't got a very healthy economic outlook, plus the controversy over a Scottish Labour MP's appearance in a jungle TV reality show, and a British explorer gets a bad rap for getting lost in the Papua New Guinea jungle.

10:05 Tim Marlow: Oceania

In Pursuit of Venus [infected] by Lisa Reihana

In Pursuit of Venus [infected] by Lisa Reihana Photo: Supplied

Kathryn meets art historian and award winning broadcaster, Tim Marlow, the Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of the Arts in London which will host the biggest exhibition of Maori art since Te Maori in the 1980s next year. Oceania will feature the art of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia in what the Royal Academy describes as the "crowning glory" of its 250th anniversary year. The four month exhibition will feature ancient objects and contemporary artworks borrowed from more than 30 museums around the world.

10:35 Book review

Stella Chrysostomou reviews Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss, published by Bloomsbury.  

10:45 The Reading: Into the Wider World by Brian Turner - Part 4

11:05 New technology

Technology journalist Bill Bennett as the US government looks set to repeal the act protecting net neutrality this week. Also how the technology sector is booming again, with shares in the US  for the big tech companies up 40% this year, and the noise about flying cars: could they be on the roads and in the air in coming years?

11:25 Find your inner adult & grow yourself up!

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Even in adult relationships we've been told to 'grow up!' or 'get your act together!' Mental health counselor Jenny Brown, has some important life advice based on seeing the patterns of the every day interactions we're part of and learning from our own lapses in maturity. In her book 'Growing Yourself Up: How to Bring Your Best to All of Life's Relationships' Jenny examines each stage of the adult life cycle from leaving home to facing death.

Are you mature in relationships? Here's a handy checklist: not letting your feelings dominate, refrain from blaming, accept people with different views, be responsible for solving your own problems, hold onto your principles, see the bigger picture.

11:45 Viewing with Lara Strongman

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Lara Strongman reviews British-Canadian crime drama Tin Star, and is taken aback by Naked Attraction, the dating show with naked contestants.


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