09:05 Hobbit law change “won’t damage film industry”

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Photo: Weta Digital

Actors' representatives say they want to see the government move swiftly to re-write the so-called 'Hobbit Law', and that the film industry will not suffer as a result. The law, which was introduced in 2010, prevented film workers from collective bargaining. The Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, Iain Lees-Galloway, this morning confirmed that the process of repealing the law will begin in the first 100 days. Kathryn Ryan speaks with Melissa Ansell-Bridges from Equity New Zealand; and Wellington lawyer Mike Gould who represented The Lord of the Rings model maker James Bryson in his legal case over whether he was an employee or a contractor.

09:20 Atlanta's two wheel revolution

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Photo: Atlanta.net

How do you make a city cycle-friendly? Kathryn Ryan talks to Jenn Graham about how she helped urban Atlanta become a bona-fide bike hub. Jenn Graham was in Christchurch  for the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress

09:30 Insertable microchips get under the skin

Insertable microchip expert, Kayla Heffernan

Insertable microchip expert, Kayla Heffernan Photo: Kayla Heffenan

Kayla Heffernan has two microchips inserted under her skin that open her doors at home and work. She's doing her PhD on Insertable technology at the University of Melbourne, looking at what devices people are putting into their bodies and why. Part of her research will feature 10 volunteers who last week had microchips inserted into them as part of the technology festival - Pause Fest . Their microchips were loaded with VIP tickets to the event next Febraruy in Melbourne, but they'll also be able to load other things onto the chip in the coming month. Kayla joins Kathryn to discuss the project, and whether insertables will unlock the future.

09:45 Asia correspondent Anna Fifield

Nine to Noon correspondent and Tokyo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post discusses Donald Trump’s State visit to China ahead of APEC.

10:05 SAS wisdom on staying safe

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Photo: Niall McDiarmid

Chris Ryan knows how to survive. The former SAS corporal, was the only member of his eight-man patrol to escape and evade capture from the ill-fated Bravo Two Zero SAS mission in the Gulf war in 1991, walking 300km to Syria. In today's increasingly hostile climate he believes there's no need to panic, but we should all be more aware of our environment and the risks around us. He leads Kathryn Ryan through what to do in a variety of dangerous situations detailed in his new book, 'Safe' .

10:35 Book review

Laura Caygill reviews Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie, published by Bloomsbury.

10:45 The Reading

Living As A Moon By Owen Marshall (part 2 of 2)

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor partakes of the atmospheric 'post-metal' of Wellington's 'Spook The Horses' as it takes a remarkable turn, the late George Michael's 'Listen Without Prejudice'  turns 25, some tuneful Californian punk rock from 'The Bronx', and a fine solo album from Windy City Struggler Bill Lake.

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

The All Whites versus Peru, the woeful state of the Samoa Rugby Union's finances and the Kiwis versus Tonga at Rugby League World Cup

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Alice Brine

How much is too much for a cheese scone? Why Chrismas music is bad for your health, and the plane forced to land after a woman discovered her husband's affair mid-flight.



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