09:05 Push for equal football contracts a world first

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Photo: RNZ

The union representing professional footballers in New Zealand is seeking a single new contract for men and women with equal terms and condition, which, if successful, will be a world first. The claim, being negotiated by the Football Players' Association, seeks equal travel benefits for the Football Ferns who need to travel to New Zealand to play for their country. It also pushes for New Zealand Football to say how it plans to develop the women's game as per a FIFA directive, and agreement about how to use this initiative to benefit women footballers in this country. Kathryn talks to former Football Fern Sarah Gregorius, current captain Ali Riley, and the Human Rights Commissioner, David Rutherford.

09:30 Secretive tax regimes revealed in 'Paradise Papers'

The Paradise Papers leaks show about £10m of the Queen's private money was invested offshore.

The Paradise Papers leaks show about £10m of the Queen's private money was invested offshore. Photo: AFP

Less than two years on from 'The Panama Papers' leak, which revealed how the rich can exploit secretive offshore tax regimes, there's been another similar avalanche of information, known as 'The Paradise Papers'. Over 13 million documents contain the names of more than 120 politicians in nearly 50 countries, along with figures from sport and business. Will Fitzgibbon is a senior reporter from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

09:45 Russia Correspondent Lucian Kim

Lucian has details of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, the degenerating relations with the U.S. and the upcoming presidential elections in March.

10:05 Nelson Mandela's posthumous memoir

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Former South African president Nelson Mandela died in 2013 aged 95. One of his regrets was not having published the memoir of his life after his incarceration on Robbin Island, which he'd begun writing while in office. Nelson Mandela's archivist, Verne Harris, has, with South African writer Mandla Langa, published Dare Not Linger - The Presidential Years. It's based on Mandela's unfinished draft and detailed notes that he made of a country in transition as he strove to make his vision for a liberated South Africa a reality. 

10:35 Book review

Ralph McAllister reviews You Belong to Me by Colin Harrison, published by Bloomsbury.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Political commentators Stephen Mills & Matthew Hooton

11:30 Feed Your Brain: Linking nutrition and brain health

"Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook" by Delia McCabe.

"Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook" by Delia McCabe. Photo: Supplied

Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook is a selection of more than 100 quick and easy recipes to keep your brain in tip-top shape. Kathryn Ryan speaks with author Delia McCabe, who has combined her knowledge the human brain with 20 years of research into how food influences brain function. It's culminated in a guide for preparing meals that aim to nurture more than just your body, including tips about superfoods and facts of some of the most nutritious ingredients.

Mango ice-cream
Bitter chocolate tart
Broccoli and pomegranate salad
Spicy warm lentil, apricot and pine nut salad

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Kennedy talks to Kathryn from Uluru/Ayers Rock where he is guiding a National Geographic expedition. Climbing Uluru will be prohibited from October 2019, which illustrates the rapid shift in public opinion from entitlement to climb, to respect for the wishes of the traditional owners. 



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