09:05 Is ACC 'passing the buck' with prediction-based evaluations?

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Otago University researchers are warning that a computer-based risk prediction model to profile and target ACC clients may be compromising the agency's ability to make fair and humane decisions about the treatment of New Zealanders in need. ACC says the system, known as the "survival analysis model" has been used for three years and was designed to process claims more efficiently. Alistair Knott is from the University of Otago's Artificial Intelligence and Law in New Zealand Project. He wants ACC to provide a public account of how it uses its predictive tool to make sure it isn't 'passing the buck' to a machine.

09:20 The push for net zero buildings

New Zealand commercial buildings use over 20 per cent of our electricity, costing businesses around $800 million a year. The Green Building Council is pushing for more net zero emitting buildings, which generate or supply the energy they need to operate from renewable sources. The council argues net zero buildings save businesses money, benefit the environment and are healthier to work in. Kathryn talks with its chief executive Andrew Eagles.

09:45 USA correspondent Susan Milligan

POTUS threatens North Korea with total destruction, kneeling for NFL, and health care.

10:05 Barefoot Ted the joy of natural running

Ted McDonald – aka Barefoot Ted – has been at the forefront of the barefoot or natural running movement. He came to prominence through the pages of Christopher McDougall's best-selling book Born to Run which he says was like a quirky PhD thesis that he didn't have to write. He's completed marathons, even ultra marathons, wearing what he says is the best technology – his bare feet. Barefoot Ted is the founder and owner of Luna Sandals in Seattle, where he's also founder of Solowheel Seattle, the one-wheeled urban transport company. He'll be in New Zealand next month to speak at Runfest.

10:35 Book review

“Human Anatomy- Stereoscopic Images Of Medical Specimens” reviewed by Niki Ward from Ekor Books.

10:45 The Reading

 Embracing the Dragon by Polly Greeks (Part 2 of 10)

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Fonterra's year-end results & its CEO's huge pay packet, also Fletcher Building calls in the auditors to look at its four most troubled projects.

11:30 Wild horses wouldn't stop her

Kelly Wilson is living the dream of every horsey child in New Zealand. Not only does she make her living by writing about horses, she gets to save them, too. First, along with her two sisters, Vicki and Amanda, she made wild Kaimanawas a household name, starring in a TV series, 'Keeping up with the Kaimanawas'. Then the Wilson sisters turned their sights to America to raise awareness about the plight of Mustangs. Now, for their latest adventure it's all about saving Australia's Snowy Mountain Brumbies.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

A thorough debrief of media coverage before, during and after the election, that ended in speculation fatigue, and the small island of serenity at the the BBC called  "slow TV".

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

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