09:05 Tackling tyre mountains

Regional councils are taking action over millions of used tyres stockpiled around the country. They've drawn up a set of national guidelines to help territorial authorities deal with the issue. Most of the country's used tyres end up in landfills or "stockpiled" on private land, at considerable environmental risk. Kathryn Ryan talks to Patrick Lynch,  Manager of Investigations & Incident Response for the Waikato Regional Council, who says consumers also have a part to play.

09:25 Albatross webcam clicks soaring

Kathryn Ryan checks in on the webcam at DOC's Royal Albatross Colony in Otago, and it has well and truly gone global. The royal cam streams from nest of a young albatross pair, BK and RDK at the Tairoa Head colony near Dunedin. DOC's Threatened Species Ambassador, Nicola Toki says the webcam has been viewed more than a million times since launching in January 2016.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

Seamus reports in with the results of the French presidential election.

10:05 Island nurses

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Adele Robertson and Leonie Howie have lived and worked on Great Barrier Island for over 30 years. As nurses and midwives, they've been there for births, deaths and some remarkable dramas at the heart of the small remote community. They tell Kathryn Ryan about caring for the island's 950 people.

10:35 Book review

Gail Pittaway reviews A Darkness So Deadly by Stuart MacBride.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Political commentators Stephen Mills and Matthew Hooton

The controversy surrounding Labour's party list for the 2017 election, reaction to Australia's visa change announcement, and the government begins its pre budget, pre election spending.

11:30 Quitting the classroom for the kitchen

Kathryn Ryan meets former teachers Nicola Davidson and Danielle Nobis,  who've founded Raw Goodness, producing and selling a range of sugar free raw slices, cakes and cupcakes.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Kennedy Warne joins Kathryn from the Hen and Chicken Islands, off Bream Head in Northland, to talk about recent releases to bird sanctuaries.