09:05 Lecturers say govt targets forcing them to pass students 


The tertiary education union which represents academics & university lecturers says its members are increasingly feeling pressure to pass incompetent students. A survey of just over 1000 of its members found 63 per cent felt they came under more heat in the past decade to pass a higher percentage of students. Kathryn Ryan speaks to Union president Dr Sandra Grey who puts the problem down to government targets and the spectre of losing funding.

09:15 Sex trafficking in NZ too: lawyer

Kathryn Ryan talks with Ralph Simpson, formerly a senior New Zealand lawyer, who works with an NGO in Thailand in the fight against human trafficking in the sex industry and child begging rings. He says New Zealand should not be complacent, as human trafficking occurs here too.

09.30 Forget microbeads! Active wear is scary new sea pollutant

Most people don't consider the inside of their wardrobes as dangerous to marine life, but they should think again. Clothing made from synthetic materials are a source of sea pollution because of the microfibres they contain. These tiny plastic pollutants are even smaller than microbeads which will banned from July 2018. Kathryn Ryan talks to University of Florida marine researcher Maia McGuire.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton ​

The aftermath of Cyclone Debbie, and a Chinese extradition treaty embarrasses Malcolm Turnbull.

10:05 Miriam Lancewood: 6 years in NZ's wilderness

Miriam Lancewood and her husband Peter have spent the last six years living a nomadic, primitive life in the wilderness of the South Island. She tells Kathryn Ryan about her love of the wild: hunting animals, foraging for edible plants and relying on minimal supplies, through all seasons. Her book is called Woman in the Wilderness.

10:35 NZ Book Review

Louise O'Brien reviews Empress of the Fall by David Hair 

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Music with Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte plays music from artists performing in NZ over the next couple of weeks: American Singer Songwriter Tony Joe White, NZ Flying Nun band JPSE (The Jean Paul Satre Experience) & Pop artist Cyndi Lauper.

11:20 "You're a smart girl, why don't you get out?"

no caption

Photo: supplied

Far north youth campaigner Nina Griffiths tells Kathryn Ryan what its like being a young person in Kaitaia. She says there's little to do, few jobs, high levels of anxiety and depression, and no where for young people to hang out. She's won an AMP scholarship of $10,000 to help establish a youth-run community centre.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

An Auckland excursion to Pah Homestead and what it was like to go people-watching on Queens Wharf with Michael Parekowhai's new public artwork, The Lighthouse. 

The Art of A. Lois White at Pah Homestead, Auckland until 9 April

Vanished Delft at Pah Homestead, Auckland util 14 May

Simon Wilson on Michael Parekowhai's 'The Lighthouse'

Music played in this show

Artist:   Anna Coddington
Song: Release Me
Composer: Coddington
Album: Luck/Time
Label: LOOP
Time:  10.10

Artist:   Tony Joe White
Song: Polk Salad Annie
Composer: White
Album: Tony Joe White: Collection (Compilation)
Label: Festival
Time: 11.15

Artist:  John Paul Sartre Experience
Song: I Like Rain
Composer: JPS Experience
Album: The John Paul Sartre Experience (JPS Experience)
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Artist:   Cyndi Lauper
Song: Time After Time
Composer: Hyman, Lauper
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