09:05 Funding axed for gang drug rehab 

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The Hauora Programme helps recovering P addicts and was developed in partnership with the Salvation Army and the notorious chapter of the Mongrel Mob, with funding from the Ministry of Health. Kathryn Ryan speaks to Lynette Hutson, the National Director for Salvation Army Addiction Services and to Donna, who's family has benefited from the programme.  

09:20 Braided rivers eaten away by agriculture

A report by Environment Canterbury has revealed 12 thousand hecatres of land on the edges of Canterbury's rare braided rivers has been converted for intensive farming - much of it public reserve land. Kathryn Ryan speaks to Federated Farmers water and environment spokesperson Chris Allen and the Canterbury/West Coast regional conservation manager for Forest and Bird, Jen Miller. 

09:45 USA correspondent Steve Almond

Steve Almond reports in on the growing row over President Trump's Supreme Court appointment and his administrations war on regulation.

10:05 Can you rewire an adult brain ? 

Science journalist Caroline Williams talks to Kathryn Ryan about her quest to find real-life fixes for the adult brain. She's tried everything from stimulation to meditation, so has it made her smarter ? She has chronicled her research in her book, 'Override: my quest to go beyond brain training and take control of my mind'.

10:35 Book review - "Gwen"  by Goldie Goldbloom    

Reviewed by Gina Rogers, published by Fremantle Press/Penguin Random House

10:45 The Reading

The Larnachs by Owen Marshall, told by Michele Amas and Owen Scott (Part 1 of 12)

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills

Matthew and Stephen discuss Waitangi Day, the government's big spend on new police and Bill English's phone call with President Donald Trump.

11:30 How Treaty settlements shape Maori traditions

Kathryn Ryan talks with Carwyn Jones, senior law lecturer at Victoria University about how Maori self-determination has been, and is being, shaped by the Treaty settlement process. His new book is called New Treaty New Traditions.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Gavin asks whether it's time for news organisations to ignore the lower marae altogether on Waitangi Weekend. He also looks at the harrowing recounting of Donella Knox's killing of her autistic daughter, arguing it is yet another example of why we continue to need long-form journalism.

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz