09:05 NZ Rowing fails to ban lightweight rowing for teens

Teen rowers on Lake Karapiro

Teen rowers on Lake Karapiro Photo: supplied

Rowing New Zealand says it's frustrated and disappointed that secondary school principals have voted to continue lightweight rowing in school rowing regattas. The sports body says weight-restricted rowing at secondary school level poses an unacceptable risk to the health and wellbeing of young people. It recently put the issue to a vote but principals at rowing association member schools voted to retain the grade. Kathryn Ryan speaks with Rowing NZ CEO Simon Peterson and Glendowie College principal Richard Dykes.

YouTube logo on screen

09:20 YouTube linked to fetish porn exploitation

A network of predators are using YouTube to get kids to create niche fetish pornography, and the journalist who discovered it says the website is doing nothing to shut them down. Kathryn Ryan talks to David Farrier, a former 3 News journalist who produced the award-winning documentary Tickled, which investigated wrongdoing in the tickle fetish community.

David has written an article on the issue for Spinoff

09:45 US correspondent Steve Almond

Kathryn Ryan talks to correspondent, Steve Almond about the latest news and fallout from the US election, including the recount dispute and President Elect, Donald Trump’s new cabinet picks

10:05 Commercial diver David Beckett

Kathryn Ryan talks to commercial diver, David Beckett, who has spent weeks at a time beneath the waves in a windowless pressurised capsule and labouring up to 12 hours straight in a dive suit and helmet. his work has included connecting up pipelines for deep sea oil wells, retrieving bodies from wrecked boats and helicopters and even treasure hunting in the Philippines. A memoir of his career has just been released, it's called the Loonliness of a Deep Sea Diver.

10:35 Book review - "The Wish Child" by Catherine Chidgey

Reviewed by Sue Lamb, published by VUP / Upstart Distribution.

10:45 The Reading

The Party Line by Sue Orr read by Miriama Mc Dowell (Part 7 of 10)

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Kathryn Ryan talks to Rod Oram about Orion Health’s results triggering a negative response from investors, Rabobank delivering a very disappointing report on sustainability of food production, and - Iceland (the country) sues Iceland (the food brand).

11:20 BATS glory days

Kathryn Ryan speaks to Ken Duncum,  part of a play-writing partnership with writer/actor Rebecca Rodden that sealed the reputation of Wellington's BATS theatre, as a destination for thought-provoking, modern plays. Polythene Pam - about a nihalistic punk girl, True Love, Flybaby and cult-classic JISM. A collection has just been published by VUP.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Gavin Ellis talks to Kathryn Ryan about fake news spelling big trouble for news media. Will it figure in the 2017 New Zealand general election, and can our mainstream media counteract it? Also, the 2016 spend on digital advertising in NZ now outstrips radio, newspapers, magazines and outdoor advertising combined. A large proportion goes to Facebook.


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