09:05 The search for flight MH370

Kathryn Ryan speaks to Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Greg Hood, and the Bureau's MH370 search programme Director, Peter Foley. A decision on whether to continue the two year long search for the missing aircraft will be made soon, once the painstaking grid search of the 120 thousand square kilometre search area in the Indian Ocean is completed.

Hadassah Grace

Hadassah Grace Photo: RNZ/Rebekah Parsons-King

09:25 A stripper's perspective

Kathryn Ryan speaks to Hadassah Grace, a stripper who says she and other performers are sick and tired of the way they're treated by many New Zealanders. 

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

Controversy over the census, a proposal to acknowledge indigenous Australians in the Constitution and a bit of gloating over the Rugby Sevens result at the Rio Olympics.


10:05 The courtroom battle that brought down the KKK

Kathryn Ryan speaks with best selling journalist and non-fiction writer Laurence Leamer, whose latest book tells the remarkable true story of a legal case which bankrupted the Ku Klux Klan. In 1981, Michael Donald, a young black man in Mobile, Alabama was picked up by two members of the local klan, beaten to death and strung up in a tree. One of the perpetrators was eventually found guilty - the first time in 50 years in Alabama that a white man had been  convicted of killing a black man. Following that conviction, a precedent setting civil case was taken by Morris Dees, the co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, which effectively bankrupted the Klan, and ended the protected status of the group and its members in Alabama.

10:35 NZ Literature Review - In the Supplementary Garden by Diana Bridge

Reviewed by Harry Ricketts, published by Cold Hub Press

10:45 The Reading

Soon by Charlotte Grimshaw read by Michael Hurst.  (Part 8 of 12)

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week: Nico

Nico = Icon. Nico, of course was the iconic model/actress/singer/songwriter who featured on The Velvet Underground’s debut album…at Andy Warhol’s insistence…then went on to carve out a singular solo career, often collaborating with fellow ex-Velvet John Cale. Now, 28 years after her death, Patti Smith, along with her daughter Jesse Paris Smith & Soundwalk Collective have recorded a tribute to Nico titled Killer Road with lyrics taken from Nico’s previously unpublished poetry. As you’ll hear Nico’s music was beautiful, desolate, uncompromising and polarizing. 

11:20 The science of stuff used to make things

What is materials science and what do we need it for? Kathryn Ryan speaks to Dr Nicola Gaston, a principal investigator at the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

Courtney Johnston discusses an exhibition of work by Walker Evans, one of the most famous 20th century photographers, in Wellington, and the secret art hidden inside 1990s TV classic Melrose Place.







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