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09:20 Probiotics: not all yoghurt is created equal 

Mirjana Curic-Bawden is the Principal Scientist from the commercial yogurt making microbe manufacturer, Christian Hansen. Marketed as "friendly" bacteria that aid digestion, probiotics are live cultures said to benefit gastrointestinal health. She says while all probiotics are live cultures, not all live cultures are probiotics. 

09:30 Ram pumps for Africa

A technology that's been used on New Zealand farms for decades is now allowing remote villages in East Africa to pump water without using a single volt of electricity. Ram-pumps work by harnessing the power of a large amount of falling water to pump a smaller amount of water upstream. Kevin Smith is the Waikato-based owner and operator of Kevin Smith Steelworkers which makes the pumps.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Mike Field

Global miner Rio Tinto has walked away from the long troubled Panguna, Bougainville, mine – outraging the islanders and raising the question of what next for a mine holding $50 billion worth of copper and gold.

10:05 The evanjellycal Jessica Mentis 

From a retro-pud to high art we're talking jelly,  with New Zealand 'Jellyologist' Jessica Mentis. Jessica's exhibition of jelly curiosities forms part of the Wellington on a Plate food festival.

10:35 Children's Book review
Kanohi - My Face,  Kararehe - Animals,  Kakahu - Getting Dressed by Kitty Brown and Kristen Parkinson, published by Reo Pepi Publishing     
Haka, Whiti Te Ra by Patricia Grace illustrated by Andrew Burdan published by Huia Publishers          

10:45 The Reading
My Father's Ears, by Karen Goa read by Michele Amas (Part 10 of 10)

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor samples new releases from Natasha Khan's Bat For Lashes, and all female supergroup Case/Lang/Veirs, and likes Paul McCartney's old tapes better than his new tapes

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The week that was with Comedians Te Radar and Pinky Agnew