09:05 South Island farmers face spectre of worst drought in over half a century

With fears over the strong El Nino system due to hit this year, farmers in the southern district are battling a severe lack of feed, as they head into a second dry year. Federated Farmers say farm share arrangements in the North Island may be their only hope. Federated farmers South Canterbury meat and fibre chair is Miles Anderson.

09:20 How food marketers are leading us by the nose

The food industry regularly uses aromas  to encourage us to eat and drink more. But now some are experimenting with synthetic aromas, in packaging and advertising:  is this the new frontier of food and beverage marketing?

Charles Spence is a professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford in the UK - he is an expert on how our brains  process the information from each of our different senses. His latest paper published in the journal Flavour and entitled "Leading the consumer by the nose" delves into the commercialisation of smells by the food and beverage sector

0930 Are older people malnourished?

Ngaire Hobbins

Ngaire Hobbins Photo: Supplied

An Australian dietitian says older people are not eating properly - and some are malnourished - because they're dieting. Ngaire Hobbins is also a lecturer in dementia studies at the University of Tasmania who says many older people are not getting enough protein and other vital nutrients to help their bodies and brains deal with aging beyond 70 years of age. She says most people don't realise that older people being heavier is usually better than them being very lean. Her book Eat to Cheat Aging has three different eating plans - one for those still fit, well and active; one for those who have become frail, and another for those somewhere in between.

09:45 Australia correspondent, Karen Middleton

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is on his way back from the climate change summit in Paris and is  heading into a viper's nest in the final week of Parliament for the year. 

10:05 Winemaker and NZ winegrowers' newest fellow, Kate Radburnd.

Kate Radburnd

Kate Radburnd Photo: Supplied

Kate Radburnd is a winemaker and senior wine judge who is the first female in 33 years, to be awarded a New Zealand Wine Growers Fellowship. Even as a novice winemaker in the Hawkes Bay she was producing award winning wines when at Vidal Estate - and she continued her success when she moved to Pask Winery in 1991, winning gold medals and trophies in local and international competitions. She joined Hawkes Bay's Pask Winery in 1991, buying into the company two years later and by the end of the decade, she was its managing director. A big focus has also been the establishment of the Sustainable Winegrowing accreditation scheme, so best environmental practices are used in vineyards and wineries.

10:30 Book Review: Scene of the Crime by Steve Braunias

Reviewed by David Hill, published HarperCollins NZ

10:45 The Reading: Chappy by Patricia Grace told by Jim Moriarty and Simon Leary (Part 1 of 12)

When his European family sends a young man of mixed heritage to New Zealand to sort himself out, he learns of a remarkable love story between his Maori grandmother Oriwia and his Japanese grandfather Chappy.

11:05 Marty Duda features the music of Lucinda Williams

Despite a rather inauspicious start with two criminally overlooked releases in the late 70sa and early 80s, Lucinda Williams finally got the attention she deserved in the 1990s with Sweet Old World and Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. Since then she has been one of the most consistently satisfying singer-songwriters of the past 20 years. A regular visitor to New Zealand, Lucinda is set to perform at Auckland’s Vector Arena this Friday. She is also due to release a new album, The Ghosts Of Highway 20, in February of 2016. We are thrilled to be able to preview two songs from the upcoming release here.

Artist: Lucinda Williams
Song: Lake Charles (5:29)
Composer: Lucinda Williams
Album: Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (1998)
Label: Mercury

Artist: Lucinda Williams
Song: Doors Of Heaven (5:30)
Composer: Lucinda Williams
Album: The Ghosts Of Highway 20 (2016)
Label: Highway 20

Artist: Lucinda Williams
Song: Dust (6:16)
Composer: Lucinda Williams
Album: The Ghosts Of Highway 20 (2016)
Label: Highway 20

11:30 Otara teacher raising literacy rates by writing his own books

Tangaroa College teacher, David Riley has helped turn his students into voracious readers by writing books they want to read, about their own local sports stars. His books include Off Loading with Sonny Bill Williams, Jammin' with Steven Adams, and Steppin' with Benji Marshall.

11:45 Employment Law with Andrew Scott Howman

You say 'tomayto' I say 'tomahhdo'....employment Lawyer Andrew Scott Howman talks sandwich wars and how far intellectual property rights can go. 

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